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What´s with the slut-shaming and it is dishonoring people who fight for their rights?

Youtube thoughts:

Just a Thought: What´s with the slut-shaming and it is dishonoring people who fight for their rights?

            Hi guys, so basically i stumbled upon two channells a months ago, and I thought why not make this a topic. It is an issue and it even divide feminist into two camps, but i think the issue isn´t in this "lifestyle" but somewhere else.

Disclaimer: This topic isn´t about a cat-fight between two youtubers, but about the slut-shaming issue itself.

Brief Introduction:
             "Slut shaming (also hyphenated, as slut-shaming) is a label for social control of sexuality by exposing a woman to shame for engaging in - or being perceived to engage in - unlawfulabnormal or unethical sexual behavior. Some behaviors and events which may expose women to "slut-shaming" include dressing immodestly or provocatively, requesting birth control,[1][2][3] having premarital or casual sex, or even being raped or sexually assaulted."*

*Source: Wikipedia, click here to find out more.

          Youtuber with the name JennaMarbles posted a video "Things I don´t understand about Girls Part 2: Slut Edition", click it to watch it to understand the issue. She is making videos about being herself and about the life, daily seen through her eyes with a bit of comedy. 

                         Which led to another video created by youtuber lacigreen called: "RE: JENNAMARBLES´ "SLUT EDITION" ", as a respond to her video. In this video she ads some facts  and information to Jennas thoughts. So click on the both videos, before reading further to have a better prespective, but to avoid prejustice first click original video of Jenna Marbles. And for the record, yes, that´s an orb near Lacis head.

My thoughts:
                            It´s a prety good theory, but the praxis is different, and I am not picking sides. The "S" word ment a person which have good time with sex, and is like a sex-seeker. And there is the misunderstanding. It´s personal "issue", that people seeking someone (friend, partner etc.) made a prejustice from it, and automatically think about the other person, as a "relationship unstable", manipulating and/or money-hungry leech. So prety much every person that confesses today, that has a good sexual life is a slut, and by the definition above, it is as a "gold-digger".
                             But yes, there some women out there, that I even met, that are looking for a sex partner, but they dosen´t hestiate to use others people privileges, but as you can see it is a issue of a shitty personality, not the personal sexual life. And that´s even where the "gay-hate" starts, and basically other hate as well. 
                              As human nature is in her roots curious, we sort things by how they look, then we sort it as "what it´s for" by making logical assumptions from the look of  things or it´s actions. And the enhanced sexual life by this era is a threat for someones unconsciousness. So basically, I am speaking Darwin and Freud here. But this, in my opinion, is the cause of the ethical problems. As a society, we have moral standards, to "to set in shape" and "prevent chaos", but as purity is a philosophical and transcendent thing, by human nature is also in conflict with freedom. We stated, that we are free beings, but what everyone failed to realize, that were our freedom ends, other ones begins. 
                               Everything has a end, even a circle. No wonder that Socrates failed to define freedom, but only described it´s properties and he knew it. And that´s even why you should not hate some women, for not sleeping with you, because it´s their life, and even if she slept with many guys, or girls, or whatever, look at them and realize that you aren´t her type, and if you are, look at the psychology between you, and trust me, by personal experience, it´s sometimes better to tell your ego to shut up, because if you are surrounded by guys, that are playing "my dick is better than yours" game,  remember that they will be not with you till your death, and at the end of our lives there is nobody, but only us who will be dead.

               So my point is, inavding others people freedom and hating are putting us back on the evolution scale because of psychological issues. As a matter a fact, we should analyze and study ourselfs individually to avoid future mistakes.

                What do you think? Write a comment and tell me if our ethics are just behaviour of our species or a respond from just our biology, even though it seems to be the same thing, bu there are differences.

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