Thursday, August 22, 2013


Tumblr review:


                          Hi guys. So I broke the golden rule of the internet, which is DON´T GET BORED ON THE INTERNET. Yes, it´s a golden rule, because if you get bored, you start to wander around. That´s the reason why I´ve seen so many shit, that kept me awake during the night, or kept me disgusted from certain things. Believe me, Two girls one cup, one man one jar, one man one hammer are just tip of the iceberg. I know that if people that don´t know the previous titles, they will search it up, so Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your curiousity. But luckily for now, I just stumbled across a site with some facts about human psyche and I decided to review some of them. If you are interested in these, click here to go to the website. All pictures bellow are from that website. Don´t ask me how I got there,... you all know that wandering on the internet is like tripping on  acid. Unexplainable and psychadelic.

Commentary: This one is true, but may be false. Some scientist convinced people near death to die on some sort of scale that are used in factories, but for this reason they were redesigned. Every time when a person died, the scale was showing 21 grams less than when they were alive. This experiment was never repeated due to ethical reasons. So it can be loss of some gasess from your lungs or skin or something. You can click here to see a video about this topic.

Commentary: Yes. but don´t forget. We chose our music that underlines our personality or our desire which can lead to memories and imaginating things. So sometimes when you look up the lyric,s after jamming on the beats, they quite respond to our situation. But sometimes we like the music because it´s from our favourite autor.

Commentary: Most of the fairytales, were ancient tales or legends from mythology. Even Snowhite represents a legend about Slavonian princess or Sumerian goddess Istar. Sorry but I cannot provide you with a source, you must look it up on your own.

Commentary: Uh daaaa.... First of all because of Darwin (to analyze and prevent the negative situation in the future of individual), and second of all psychologically because everyone wants to be a victim if something happens, like when you broke up with your significant other.

Commentary: Yep, there are some endangered spieces out there somewhere... writing blogs... talking about stuff... ;)

Commentary: Yep those people make you smile everyday, they are even kind and fun at parties. Often used by douchebags. I have seen them in their natural habitats. Poor things. Even though, they are hard to recognize from others, and when they open themselves, they are often  rejected and misunderstood.(no sarcasm included in this comentarry).

Commentary: So basically, if doctor prescribes me a lot of medication, only what I have to do is buy one of each meds and drink a hell of grape juice from Walmart or something? Or it isn´t how it works?

Commentary: Marijuanas sister plant was used for plumbing reparations, ropes and for other practical things in Eastern Europe till this day, but some of the countries stop using it due to EU laws. No, this plant cannot be smoked so hands down.

Commentary: ...*gulp*... aahhh... You know what they say, beer a day, keeps doctor away. :)

Commentary: Yep, that´s what I like to call "heartreading". I have plenty of advice by myself, and maybe I should make a topic about this. I don´t know, you decide, let me know if I should write about how tell something about people from their image, behaving.

Commentary: .... :-D Ok :-D Hold on for a second. Imagine that you will say this to someone when they cry infront of you because they broke up. It would sound like from Sheldon Cooper from The Bing Bang Theory series :-D.

Commentary: Ladies... I represent you science. :-)

Commentary: ... uhhh ... so when people have nightmares, who is missing them? I don´t know even if I want to hear the answer if this one was true.

                       So here was 15 psychofacts. Some of these are really interesting but none of them should be taken as seriously or something, because this is tumblr, it´s supposed to amaze. If you want to be smarter, get a book. So hope you like it. Follow me on Twitter for updates about this blog or send me suggetions. Maybe I will do this sometimes for fun or so. See ya next time.

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