Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good bye, my friend

Creepypasta time:

Good bye, my friend

            I know it´s too late for me to say goodbye. I know that. After all, you were my true friend. Now what remains are only memories. You are a little creeper you know, and that´s why you don´t have friends. You must change my dear, or you will be always alone, and getting a bit smart will help you either. How silly you were, oh my gosh, your a funny person. But a bit of naive too. And I am really sad for your ego and narcism, because that is the cause, why we aren´t best friends after all, but only just ordinary friends ...only. I am not, that dumb my dear, you should try something else on me. I thought that you were the pearl between the swines, and after all I was wrong. Do you want to see your friend disappointed? That´s not what friends are for, you know?! But silly me to expect  you to understand friendship, when you were just always alone in this cruel, cruel word. I understand your pain, my dear, I understand. You are not the only one that has such a pain in his heart. You are not the only one that is trying to fill it with something, but that will make you more desperate and it´s not the answer, my dear. It´s not the answer.
               Tell me my friend, answer me please to this question. Are you sad? Are you desperate? You already knew who I am, so why do you introduce yourself to me, if you knew that I don´t have what you are looking for. What were you thinking my dear? How come you made this mistake? But don´t be ashamed, my dear, I understand. I understand. The other thing bothers my mind. Maybe you was dumb, but maybe you was brave. I knew he must told you about me many times. I knew he even told you about our first encounter my dear. Just remember the words he said, and remember what he told you, because He can tell beautifull lies, my dearest friend. Probably He doesn´t told you how He screamed, oh, and how He screamed my dear. He screamed louder that the sound of near airplanes. He even tried to come to me disguised as dark itself. He is a shy person like you my dear, but you aren´t scared of light instead. He probably never told you that. He found a scar in my mind, but that scar just was alone like you both are. That scar just want a friendly hug, and He refused it. Don´t refuse the hug of my mind, it will make my scar pretty sad, you know? He even tried to love me, but he is only adorable to me, like a cute little puppy. That´s why He have to... leave. But I understand, you both are silly creatures. I am not even mad. But enough talking about him. You my dear friend really miss me.
                  I remember how cute you was, trying to meet me in person, but I must say, that you are not doing quite well in the game of hide and seek. I always saw your feet, or head between the trees. By the time I think you became better at this game. You need a lot of training my friend, a lot of training. And you should also check your manners,too. You are really, really rude to my friends you know. I know you are shy but that doesn´t mean that you can be impolite. I just want only good things for you, my friend, so don´t be stubborn.
                    At the end, I assume you just was brave. He told you who I am. You knew what was you doing, my friend. You tried to avoid my scar, but nobody avoids my scar. It makes me quite unpleasat, my dear. That´s why you couldn´t meet me at my dreams, but I felt you there, you little cute thing. What He didn´t tell you is that I have many allies, and most of them are His enemies my friend. Don´t listen to him if you don´t know anything, or you may be... well, this is your last chance my friend to switch sides. I knew that you  started to work with him, because disguising as a shadow in the corner of my eye is His old style. And that is making me quite sad, because of all your effort you choose the simpliest solution. That´s not right my dear, because the solution can be wrong. How can you been so mean after all what we experienced together, my friend, how? That´s why I broke the rule, my dear, to only send you this message. I knew some things about you as well. I knew that whoever talks with his photo on the internet about you, your little helpers will find him. But after your choice, I am sure you won´t bother me again, my friend, and you didn´t even said goodbye. It broke my heart my dear. But I don´t have that heart to leave without farewell my dear, not even with all those memories. I am a polite person. Farewell, my friend.

P.S.: I wasn´t asleep when you were watching me, my friend. I just waited till you say something. I am a polite person, I always listen. But you are so shy, my friend, changed that for me, would you? After all, I will never forget you, because I took a picture of you. I love to take pictures of cute things, but it´s a pity that you don´t smiled at the time...

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