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Would Portal guns speed up enthropy of human society ?

Gaming thoughts: 

Just a Thought: Would Portal guns speed up enthropy of human society ?

     Hi guys, so don´t judge me for being late on some topics, because i decided to write down thoughts as now, so some of this posts would make me look like I´m a slowpoke :D. 
     So I decided to have a blog series with diferent kinds of topics, and this kind of topic will be about some thoughts from/about youtube videos or channels that I watch. I´m figuring out now how to blog so don´t be harsh, but i will apreciate every honest reaction to it, so i can make this blog better. Keep in mind, that i may have trouble with english sometimes, because it´s not my native language. So now let´s disscus the topic.
      I watch youtube channel PBS IDEA CHANNEL for almost an year, and they discuss ideas about possibly every topic that can exist, and the way they do it is an inspiriration for this topic, so go check them out, so you would know what  I am talking about.

So click here on this text to go to their channel.

Brief introduction:
      Portal and Portal 2 were created as computer games in Valve were you use a gun, that creates

wormholes. If you walk trough one hole, you will exit from another, so basically this will give you a hint that this is a puzzle solving game. You are guided by the computer with artificial inteligence named GLaDOS and you as a test subject that´s completing test chambers. I really recomend both games to try, because of storyline they are telling.

      As a huge Portal fan that started watching walktroughs of the Portal 2 game, and then bought it on Steam as a pack with the original Portal, I just fantasized about what if there was a real portal gun available like things in Target for few dollars, so let´s say GLaDOS made restrictions and modifications for Portal gun (later reffering as PG), so people could not be dumb asses, even if they wanted to be, and shoot portals everywhere, like in others peoples homes, banks and/or moons. Yeah moons, I am a Jule Verne fan. I think, even without the restrictions, that first aproche will be fear, because people will not suddendly understand how works the thing after they met this thing for the first time in the mall. Soon after the ENCOUNTER, the real hell will start in unimaginable strenght.            Honestly, if they wanted to introduce PG in malls, they really would had to make restrictions on airports, so people cannot smuggle them outside of the country, where the houses aren´t protected with anti-portal paint. But I think that first from all of us, banks would be the first to recieve from the Goverment the anti-portal paint to protect them-selfs from thieves and it would be for free, i think. Ordinary people would have to buy it, but I think the Govement would be not such cruel. Without the restrictions, the apocalypse would be easily posible as was it shown at the end of the Portal 2, but instead of two portals, imagine milion of them. So without some restrictions, the PG would be more dangerous than Tzar bomb.

         So with the restrictions, the PG would be still a big deal. 

The good things:

       Imagine that you can start out your buisness with making some "Portal Stations", where
people would be one step from Bora Bora everyday. Let´s say, even if your buisness would spread slowly, because fuck comeptition between buisnesses, it would made a huge impact on the globalization. Soon the trains, busses, airplains, even rockets will be only artefacts of history, even thought, I think it would have give people slight claustrophobia from walking from one portal to another, or it will messed up the position center in ur brain, or what´s it called, all I want to say it mess up people physically and then psychically. And even economy will boost up beyond the roof.           The mix of cultures would be ineviteble, even if the placement of "Portal Stations"will be regulated. Science would bloom like never before. Tiny portals can be made to pills so doctors would trought them make operations, journey to space, moon and mars would be instat, because portal beam  travels by the speed of light, althought to the distant stars it would´nt be possible for us in our lifetime, due to distance of these stars, but you get the point. CERN wouldn´t be so expensive and would be much bigger then it is. Even perpetum mobile would be finally available. Exploring oceans, mines and caves, even the Pyramids of Giza would be easy like my exgirlfriend.

The bad things:

           But with fast transportation economy and mixed culture, which in this case would be instant, the diseases would spread like a silent fart in a humid bus. It´s not even worth to start on extremist and elitist, and if  war occurs, God help us all. We would have constatly a new doctor 
Doofenshmirtz everyday.


            Even If I didn´t mentioned  more bad things, still it perfectly balanced out the good things,
because it´s not in the PG itself, but in the globalization and which is in the product of human nature.             So here comes the slow computer reference from the title. If you have an astronomic simulator on a slow computer a you speed up the simulation, the computing process would not be fast enough to make proper operations, so it can also freeze, but the calculations will be not correct and will be diferrent from the simulations, that you let take their time. All what I am saying that, we aren´t ready for this, even if it would be yet to come to stores next year. The rapidly speeded up proces of globalization would act as an mentos throwed into the coke. There would be many conflicts because it does not depend on the tool of use, but on the human nature itself, as we saw it on nuclear energy. Even thought, with the restrictions or not, the PG would be most helpfull, yet most mass-destructive tool that human kind would created.
               So what do you think, would the PGs change us or they would became the tools of manifestations of our inner beasts?

          So hope you liked this Youtube thougts topic, feel free to discuss this in the coments, and if you have any ideas send me a mesage.


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