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How much business manipulates our healthcare?

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Just a thought: How much business manipulates our healthcare?

             Hi guys. So I decided to make this topic, because as a young adult that spend  teenage years of taking care off parents, and even this day they need my help, personally, it really bothers me that if the medicaments they are taking aren´t poisoning them. So without further talk, let´s jump into it.

John Virapens story:
                John Virapen worked at pharmaceutical industry for 35 years. He even became CEO of affiliated branch in Sweden of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. After that, he started to critizice pharmacy industries for hiding more efective medical treatments and selling shit on markets around the world and bribing authorities and bureaus. He wrote a book called Side effect: Death (I couldn´t find english version of the book, so I translated the name of Czech version litterally ), where he states, that after seeing whats going on in pharmacy, he stopped using medicaments. He also says that if Acylpiryn was created in these days, it wouldn´t pass the laws, and it would not reach the global market. He also had a son in his older age, and so he says that he isn´t going to vaccinate him, because vaccines, are made uneffectly today to be at the lowest prize and easy-manufactured. It implies that pharmacy more focuses on business than on development of proper medical treatments.
                  He also states this things:
  • He inclines that swine flu was artificially planted in Mexiko. In January 2009, he witnessed how Minister of Healthcare in Belgium was negotiating with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlein about prizes of vaccines, but the pandemic disease emerged in May. When he asked how it is posible, they told him that they were expecting it. Later it wqas found, that pandemics was expected decades early, so countries could prepare themselves.
  • His company, that he was boss of at the time, created medicament Zyprexa  for treating depresion. It´s side effect is obesity that can lead to diabetes. Company Eli Lilly was main distributor of insulin (hormone that digest sugar in our food, esentiall for human digestion) at the time.
  • One time he flew to Seatle to bribe a honored professor to change the test results of Prozac which was for treating depresion. The test results showed, that it can initiate suicidal bias.
  • He says that it´s absurd to vaccinate children from common diseases like flu and etc. He states that they are made without effect but with lots of side effect. That´s why some children end up autistic or with poliomyetilis. Once his wife took his son to the doctor and she refused to vaccined him. The doctor kick her out with words, that he only diagnose vaccinated children.
  • He stopped using insulin treatments, even he has diabetes, for those reasons above.
  • He is alive, because he has documents that can prove what he is saying, so that´s why they won´t do anything to him.
My story:
          Some people say that some of his statements can be just pure hoax. But from Alices (fictional
character that I created for my personal and social sake) personal experiecne, some of them can be true. Alice is a comunnicative, investigative and a social person. She made bunch of friends from pharmacy. As an average person, she sometimes go to a doctor. Alice experienced some quite unpleasant things in this field. Alice went to a doctor and he gave her some recipies for some medicaments. She met her friend pharmacist and you know, they started to talk. 
            Her friend works as dealer for locals pharmacy shops and hospitals. Alice sometimes calles her friend a "drug dealer" for fun. She told her that some of her friend present medicaments as they are on some kind of TV show presenting products. She confessed that she is more clever than them, because she makes deal with the selling person. She has 1000€ from her company to go somewhere on dinner with the local pharmacist, so she can convinced them to buy her products, but instead, she tells the shop assistant at the local pharmacy shop, that if he buys and pre-order some amount of her medicaments that she sells for his local pharmacy shop, she will give him 500€, and his boss didn´t need to know. She even do this with doctors, and even she convinces them sometimes to prescribe more of her medicaments. Also she sometimes hands over some flyer, that if he can sell some amount of products of her company, he will win a vacation or a new TV or something. Alice´s friend looked on her recipe and she told her she didn´t need that
expensive medicamets. She told her to look up the active substance in each of her medicaments and she will sell her other medicaments with the same active substance, but cheaper. But she needed to know if she had some healt problems, so she can exclude some medicaments for their side effects. 
             She also told her, that her friends were debating about vaccines. She personally thinks, that they are dangerous, but it´s a fifty fifty wheter are dangerous or not. For her personal experience, she had bad relation with vaccinnes. After she was born she was vaccinated. After few months of her life, they discovered that she had a low imunity, so she was needed to be vaccinated every thrid week so till she reached age of 3. Some of her friends has some demented children from vaccinating, so she is not going to dement her child. They both live in a country, where vaccinating is mandatory, but she found a flaw in laws. She wrote a paper, that she agrees with vaccinating but with a expensive vaccine from a different country. This vaccine was so expensive and rare, that they won´t vaccinate her child.

Silly story right? ;) See ya next time.

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