Friday, February 7, 2014

Sinister moves in Orthodox Catholic Church

           Hi guys. I know, that next topic shoul be about something else, but instead, I decided to invesigate and tell you some news about machinations in the Orthodox church in Slovakia.

Disclaimer: I am going to say it for the last time. If you see a topic that is featuring Alice, keep in mind, that Alice is an fictional character, that was created on purpose to protect my personal life and people I know. Alice was and will be in those topics, which I was investigating and talking about what´s going on in the world, or where I talk about stuff they don´t want you to know. 

Brief introduction:
           The Eastern Orthodox Church,officially called the Orthodox Catholic Church, and also referred to as theOrthodox Church and Orthodoxy, is the second largest Christian church in the world, with an estimated 225–300 million adherents,  primarily in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. It is the religious affiliation of the majority of the populations of Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbi, and Ukraine; significant minority populations exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria. The Church's structure is composed of several self-governing ecclesial bodies, each geographically (and often nationally) distinct but unified in theology and worship. Each self-governing body (autocephalous jurisdiction), often but not always encompassing a nation, is shepherded by a Holy Synod whose duty, among other things, is to preserve and teach the apostolic and patristic traditions and related church practices. Like the Catholic ChurchAnglican CommunionAssyrian Church of the EastOriental Orthodoxy and some other churches, Orthodox bishops trace their lineage back to the apostles through the process of apostolic succession. The head of the Church is Patriarch which resides in Russia, and the metropolita is somethin like title of a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church.

What´s happening?
           After having lovely, but cold evening with Alice, I was shocked about the news she told, even I don´t
remember that she was wahtsoever talkative like that. She told me few things that need some further investigation, with proper authorities. The news concern about the new metropolita of Slovakia and Czech Republic Rastislav of Orthodox Catholic.  She told me, that the old metropolita Kryštof (Cristopher in english) nominated young Rastislav (which he recieved this name firstly as a bishop) because, Kryštof didn´t expect that he will be voted as a new metropolita, and so he would became a metropolita again. After the voting, he was shocked, and so he started machinations againts him. When he was firstly voted as a bishop, Kryštof, or his sympathizers, tried to discredit him by various means, for example they hided one piece of clothing, essential for consecration in to the office as bishop as so on. There were various statments, that Kryštof had various sinister businesses and so as he isn´t  a metropolita now, he can not control them.
Many tabloids in Slovakia mentioned that Kryštof is againts the new metropolita, but recent findings show that he is even planning to take the new metropolita to the Court. The problem is that the new metrpolita is younger among others, so they initially hey thinked that others would not vote for him, but if so, they might control him. After resoluting speech as a bishop that he would not take advices about managing of his offices, and that he would manage the Church by heart and reason, many got angry. Rastislav stated that he didn´t
even wanted to became a bishop, and also, that if he knew what machinations are included behind the scenes of the Church, he would rather stayed as a monk on Athos (which is monastery in Greece), than even becoming a priest at the first place. Now he tries secretly root out the machinations, which angers some of the indcluded personas, including Kryštof. Needless to say, it is specalutad that at this Sunday, Kryštof may have given some orders, or personally will start other machinations againts the new metropolita Rastislav, because as a tradition, the head of Slovak Republic will be on consecration to the office, which would be in Prešov at the Cathedral of Alexander of Neva. Also it now seems that some personas form the Czech Republic,may not come to this consecration, because they mainly sympatize with the old metropolita, and it may and may not be true, that some of the personas may be connected to the freemason lodge, but this can not be proved, and it is a matter of a conspiration theory. What would happen, time will show. Personally, I´m really excited for the next meeting with Alice.