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Is Loki a true villain?

Movie thought:

Just a thought: Is Loki a true villain?

       Hi guys. So I saw the Thor movie a year ago or so, and The Avengers, and it returned to my mind, so I said why not make this a topic, because it angers me a bit. A bit lot. Quite a lot. Ok, I am insane about this.

Disclaimer: Can contain spoilers from movie Thor and Game of thrones series if you didn´t watched season 3 or 2.

Brief Introduction: 
             Movie Thor was based on a comic character Thor by MARVEL, which was based on  Thor, the god of thunder from norse mythology. His brother Loki was based as the same, and is the main villain in the movies The Avengers and Thor.

If you reviving an idea of a person, understand them, it will make your story better, and the character will be awesome itself:
                What can I say is that Tom Hiddleston nailed the Loki character, I mean it was the best choice made by any director ever, even though him acting the directors idea of Loki quite saddens me.                  
                 I know that he acts out the comic  book Loki, but it´s MARVELs fault, thats why we cannot have nice things. I understand that they make their universe characteristics by other heroes and so they make up Thor and Loki by they imagination to fit them to their universe, but that killed the real potential. You may know that Thor is god of thunder, and Loki is a trickster god, but he is also a god of fire and night, and don´t forget who is the real god of false promises... no one else, than Odin, father of both (Lokis heritage differs by cultures, so in the movie they picked up the one that Loki is child of a Giant, adopted by Odin, but in this case, the mythological Loki isn´t adopted, it´s his son, or son of Giants or he existed at the beginning of time or he is Odin´s brother. Depicts on how much people wanted to show that he is the "other side of the coin", so by "adopting Loki" they made an hurt outsider, but it was unnecessary, because mythological Loki is an hurt outsider himself.). 

Understanding Loki: History of Loki
                    So from now on there will may be Game of Thrones spoilers, because I don´t know how to show  you  Lokis personality on an example better, than on Game of throne characters. So I read Edda, which to ancient Norsmen is something like a Holy Bible to Christians or Quran to Muslims,                         There are two kinds of Eddas outhere, the poetic and the prozaic Edda. I got my hands on the poetic one. The prozaic one was created later, by some monk in Iceland. Norsemen had bards to sing them the songs of gods and history of their kings, so check them out, it´s a long reading, but I recomend it, just found a version in your language of your country somewhere on the internet, but remember, the translation will took away some charm from it.

                      So the Edda begins, with Odin going to some mysterious woman, that tells prophecies.
She sees him and refuses him to tell one. Odin after dressing up in disguise, came to her and ask her for the prophecy about the end of the world. She totally told him who is going to be killed by who, how is  going to end, but she told him that Loki will lead an army againts the gods, and his three children will be the biggest threat.  Meanwhile Loki had children with his true love, giantess Angrboda, but as there were always beast children between the gods and giants (maybe their genome
dosen´t mix up well. or maybe because of Loki as an expert in Transfiguration classes :D), they had a wolf Fenris, the serpent Jormungard, and a normal daughter Hel. Angrboda was prety much like Mellisandre from Game of Thrones ( later reffering as GoT), but not in terms of Light God and magic, but in terms of her personality, and than mix her with Lyanna Starks personality and there you have Angrboda. Even though, I think Ygritte is the best example to show you what personality she was. So yeah, she´s like Ygritte. 
                      So meanwhile Odin gets concerned about the prophecy and he takes away their children from them with help of other gods, cast Angrboda away and arranges an diplomatical marriage between House Vanir (yeah, in norse mythology there are two houses of gods, the Vanirs and the Asgards, which is Odins family, an as you can see Giants are the villains.) and Loki, which prety much like marriage between Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. Loki even WASN´T INVITED on the feast of houses that was created because of his marriage at their home that settled things peacefully between Vanirs and Asgards! And remember that scene when Tyrion Lannister gets the last seat on the small council when his father arrived to be the hand of the king? It was pretty much like that, but instead of joinig, Loki taunts Odin, that as his father he wasn´t even bothered to invite his own son on the feast, which everybody started lying about it, even Thor,  that they sent the invitation, but it got lost somewhere.                               
                          Odin offers Loki the last sit on the feast and he was pissed, so there some cat-fight going on where everybody is trying to be nice, but then they start insulting Loki, and Loki starts reproach the other gods, even Thor, for they behaving and not being true gods of what they were, until Odin snaps, and command to imprison Loki. He runs away but they catch him and they tie him on some "fabric of time beyond the worlds" or something, and they made snake poison drip on his head, which causes him pain, and everytime he scream, there is an earthquake. Even though his lawfull wife try to catch the poison in the bowl, but everytime she turns around to empty the bowl, the poison starts dripping on Loki again. And there was the moment, when Loki swear to take over the nine worlds, not because he was power-hungry, but because the other gods were fucked up jocks.                                 You even must battle to win their favor, because of their entertaiment!

Understanding Loki: Lokis actions
                           As you can see Loki is the version of Tyrion Lannister that stood up againts his father, but let´s talk about his dark moments, that I would like explain to you. 
                            Let´s start with the relationship with Thor that he had. Thor once drunkenly lost his hammer to the Giants in one of his bets. His first idea was to kill them all, but Loki stopped him because it would fucked up the peacefull outgoing with the Giants at that time and it would start war again. Loki realized that Thor without his hammer is powerless, so the threat is much bigger, because without another powerfull tool in Asgardian hands, the Giants could assanite or attack with it againts them. The Giant that took away Thor´s hammer even wanted to marry goddess Freya, but Odin wanted to save her from that so he refuses the deal. As you can see, the motive to attack is settled and it became much dangerous for the gods.. Yes, Giants can use Thor´s hammer, but everyone else could not. Loki bets the cards on the Freya thing, and he disguise themselfes as women. Thor is supposed to be Freya and Loki was her maiden. They came to the Giant that took Thor´s hammer, offering a marriage with Freya, which is Thor in disguise, but as the wedding present they wanted Thor´s hammer. The marrage is settled, and during it, when the Giants bring the wedding gift, Thor grabbed the hammer and killed every Giant on the wedding. During making an agreement and wedding ceremony, Thor was like a hyperactive kid that want to kill everybody (something like King Joffrey from GoT) and Loki was like his mother taming him a making him calm, because if not, the whole thing will blew up. And there you have it, stupid Thor guided by his younger brother Loki which knows how to play the game. Do you know that potato head from Doctor Who that constantly want to solve problems by blewing them up or using grenades and shit?                               
                              Yes, Thor is the same.


                 It is said that Loki tricked one of the gods, that was blind to kill god Baldr, which was god of joy and happiness and beauty. But there´s a political issue here. Baldr was going to marry one of the Vanirs women, and quite it seems, it looks like he dosen´t liked pussy at all. So avoiding the marriage by killing him was the only possible way, because if Vanir´s found out that they bought a "cat in a bag", they would be pissed and the Asgards besides Giants, will would have a new enemy. It´s even said that Odin commanded Loki to stop the marriage. Lokis action here was basically like Jamie Lannisters killing the Mad King from GoT. But Baldr was beloved, because of his friendliness and kindness upon the gods, so the gods that didn´t understand the issue send a servant to Hel (Lokis and Angrbodas Daughter) with a begging to release him from the Underworld, which she replied that if every being in the nine worlds will cry and grieve for him, he will than release him. So every being cried except one Giantess, which some people say, that it was Loki himself.
                           Hel isn´t a stupid bitch, she knows what she´s doing. Keep in mind, that she is separated from the other nine worlds in her realm, so basically she knew from Baldr that the one blind god killed him, and by that condition she gave them, she will knew if they set the things right between Angrboda and Loki, and then she could reunite with her family. And you know that Giantess that didn´t cry? She was full of wrath and it wasn´t Loki, but Angrboda. At that time she was guarding her and Lokis grandsons in the Iron forest, we get to that later.
                             Oh and Sleipnir? His son after he was fucked by a horse while he was transformed into a brood-mare? He was trying to kill one of the Giants horse because he was a powerfull advantage, so he decided to take a further advantage and make Odin a gift. Basically Loki took the top that Giants have above the gods, and gave it to his house.

                            So as you can see, Loki is a loyal servant of his father and his beloved brother that he would take and make some crazy shit to give his house advance, but after they raised hands on his own family, he snapped.

Understanding Loki: His children
                             So as was said, Loki had three children with Angrboda, the wolf, the serpent the
daughter. Basically what the Odin did was he kidnapped his children infront of Angrboda to prevent the porphecy. They took the wolf and girl and keep it. When they saw the serpent they was like: "...nah..." and throw him in the ocean. As for the girl, when she become of her age, she start to rebel, so they gave her a realm to quiet her down. The wolf was ment to be tamed and used in the battle, but he start to grow bigger and was wiser than all of the gods, so Odin panicked, and commanded to tricked him into a game "So, you have a big dick? Prove it!". They tied him up with a chain and he shake it off like nothing. So Odin paniced and send Thor to maintain the m
ost powerfull chain made by dwarfs, Gleipnir which in my opinion was a ribbon, red ribbon I prefer, because of the consequences it had on the wolf Fenrir. They tied him up and when he tried to shake it off, it became tighter and tighter. So basically you would get out off it by calm moves. That´s why he in anger bit off god Tyrs hand when  he fed him, because he was pissed by the fact that his own family tricked him. The gods laughed their asses off at him and sailed away leaving him alone, probably somewhere in Greenland. Angrboda heared about the inmprisoment so he she find her grandsons that he gave her, and hide withem in Iron forests. She couldn´t go to Hels realm, because even she ruled it, it is still the domain of gods, and the gods would attack the realm if she didn´t gave them the grandsons. Basically Loki in this position is like Catelyn Stark from GoT.




                 Remember that Loki nor Angrboda, ever mention throughout the Edda their children from their marriages or even their lawfull partners. They always mention each other and their kidnapped children. Even Angrboda in her letter reffers to them as "beloved ones". So Loki is a like a baladic hero, when he is a good guy, trying to serve his family but then shit goes down. He is in a dilemma which family to serve, the one that he come from or the one he established. At the end when they imprison him he makes his mind and promises the change of things, not revenge but change of things.         His father is a fraud his brother is dum every god is a slut, gluttonous or a manchild, and mankind dosen´t deserve something like this. Even though, Odin wanted to prevent the end of worlds, but he started the fire that would lead to burn down and his own death. 
                   As much as I can say, GoT almost follows the norse mythlogy path. Odin is like Cerscei Lannister, which thinks that she is a master tactician but is terrible with it, Loki at this point is like Catelyn Stark, but not dead, yet (spoiler!), and Thor is pretty much a simple guy something like Dontos Hollard, that Sansa Stark saved from Joffrey.

                 I know that MARVEL choose Thor because of thunder and great action that lies with him, but honestly, norsemen said that because of his stupidity the lightning struck a human being rarely.

So what do you think? Coul be a Loki better main character? Does he deserves a comic on his own?             Leave a comment and tell me what are your thoughts about this topic.

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