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Why people aren´t aware of Smoking Etiquette?

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Just a thought: Why people aren´t aware of Smoking Etiquette?

                  Hi guys. So this topic isn´t about marijuana, so you can thank me for saving your time.                         Now for those that stayed, I am personally a smoker, but I am not raging about the fact that there are less and less places were you can smoke. I am baffled about the fact, that non-smokers or new-smokers aren´t aware of the smoking etiquette. For the non-smokers I just want to say that stop raging about smoking habits of others (if your raging isn´t about others people health), because sometimes it´s your fault. So I present you couple of rules to make the situation better for all of us, so every rule is broken down to two sections which are for smokers and non-smokers.
                   And non-smokers please understand that, smoking is a habit that if is it practiced for long time, it´s really hard to quit it (depends on the personality), because smoking satisfies nervous thoughts and habits. It works even on unconscious levels of human psyche, so be patient with the "quitters". (I like to call the persons that quit smoking like that, and by biology and by the laws of insurance companies, they are "quitters" till they achieve 7 non-smoking years, but it depends on country that you live in.)

The "CASTE" rule:
              For smokers: So if you are hanging out with your smoker friends somewhere inside (where you can smoke apparently), apply law of continual proportion. So if are there 2 of you, you can smoke both at the same time, but if you are at the amount of 5, it is better if they are currently 2 smoking people, and after they are done smoking, wait for a while and THEN ligh up your own. It´s because of the smoke in the air to get to the vents. If  you are at group of 10, 4 people can light up their cigarette and so on. If you have a non smoking friend around you, don´t smoke around them but instead take a friend or two for a smoke outside, so your only none smoking friend can better socialize with others. You need to organize that, because there will be smoke everywhere.I had a hard time to follow this rule myself, but this rule is like a gym training not only for your will, but for your social life, too. Plus points if you can keep the rule, and a bonus achievment for those, that kept the rule while were drunk.
                 If you are hanging outside, make sure there aren´t some children of their douchebag parents or pregnant women around you, and basically they can be inside too so check that either, And a Bonus fact: Sometimes doctor prohibits to quit smoking while pregnant, because the shock of non having nicotine in your body can damage the fetus, so it´s fail/fail no win.
                For non-smokers: Try to hang out with people that smoke somewhere where is no-smoking area. Avoid group of smokers, but if you have a group of friends that smoke, hang out with each of them alone without their other smoking friends. Don´t try to drag them on your side, but instead avoid bars and restaurants where is smoking allowed. Or if you are going somewhere with them, bring some non-smoking friends with you, so they can keep you company while others go for a smoke. It´s your fault that you hang out with them, and nobodys else, so don´t complain about the "mist". Smoker has a need, and it is his choice, neither you respect it or not. If you trying to help them, be patient and subtle. Hanging around this people isn´t only damaging your health, but also it will make you addicted, and you probably start smoke on your own.
                   Once, before I started smoking, I used to mix tobbaco in my friends cigarettes with crumbs from sparklers, so you can imagine the effect when they light them up. But after I started smoking, it happenned to me, so it cames full circle. So stop aspiring for the QUEEN OF BITCHES, because karma won that round long time ago.

The "EYE-FOR-EYE" rule:
                   For smokers: If you borrow a cigarette, return a cigarette. Even if you a are a heavy smoker. Always have a reserve cigarette for return. But not any cigarette, but at the same prize as the
cigarette was that you borrowed. So if  I bought a pack of 19 cigarettes at the prize of 2,90€, the prize of one cigarette is 0,15€. So arround this prize cca 0,01€ up or down, I expect you to return the cigarette. Not some cheap shit that is at the prize of  1,50€ of 19 cigarettes, so basically the prize of one cigarette is 0,08€. Return what you borrowed. I am currently in Slovakia and yes, these are the prizes of some cigarettes.
             If you have that "one friend", that pays you visit everytime he needs a cigarette, I don´t know why he is your friend anyways. I knew some persons that they are acting like they came for a chat, especially women are good at this, and they smoke some of your cigarettes and don´t even bother to return, and then they are acting like: "You didn´t ask?!?!". So my strategy is when they are having cigarettes, borow as much as they borowed from you. And don´t get fooled and don´t accept the "rule" that "If you don´t have in the near future, I´ll give you" or something like that, because they probably are "homelessing" from other people too, and it´s not going to happen that they will give your return. Even if you confront them, they will say, "I am helping your health", so say that next time if they ask you for a cigarette. And this isn´t only popular among teenagers, but also adults that are still "in closet" from their parents.
                      For non-smokers: Yes, this rule has an aspect for non-smokers. No, I am not going to tell you, that all of you know, that don´t give people cigarettes even if you don´t have any. I am not that stupid... maybe. But don´t even try it for fun, to make yourself a coughing clown, because from this one moment, and by hanging out  with smokers, you are very close addiction. My friend was a smoking-hater, after few smokes delayed by half-year he is now addicted like I am.
                      Now, I am going to talk about "quitters" and helping them. So try to be his guardian for a while, because in this era, you cannot became a shaolin by week. I mean that training your will in this era is on LEVEL TITAN HARD, because of marketing and stuff. So try to help them if they are failing and be patient. Quitters, you need to fill a hole in your life. :D I know that sounded rude, but what I want to say is that, you need to find some subtitute for cigarettes. And no gums aren´t the solutions, because even they are cheaper than cigarettes, you will spend more money on them than on cigarettes in a month or so. You need to come up with something tiring, like every time you need a smoke do an exercise, or drink water. Especially water is good, but be aware. Your "crazy-killer-habit" is because of low level of nicotine in your body, so by drinking water it gets worse to resist smoking, but if you resist the urge, you will be out of addiction sooner, than by any other method, and to go through this even faster, go to sauna for a week. And don´t forget to hide your weapons and sharp instruments... just in case. :D

The "STAND-ALONE" rule:
                         For smokers: This rule is simple. Don´t hang around non-smokers, children, pregnant women while smoking, and don´t go to a smoking area with non-smokers, children and etc. Don´t
smoke on train stations, bus stops, in public buildings, at least if there is no smoking area or your country doesn´t allows you.
                          For non-smokers: Bitches, what are you doing? I mean you are seeing that I am smoking so why are you PREGNANT hanging around me? Or letting your (born) child to run and play around when I was here first? Seriously, there is a saying in Slovakia that someones dead relatives must be so ashamed that they are turning around in their casket. Bitch, your dead parents became fans. Seriously I am som raged abou this. For example, I travel on train for like 8 hours sometimes, and when I go to have a smoke, out of nowhere people, kids, elderly, bananas, everyone is suddenly around me, us smokers. Just stop it, if you hate it.

                                    So for the record, I start smoking at my late 17, and I am prepared with the facted that I will have problem with quitting till my Masters Degree, but that doesn´t mean I am not trying to controled it. But as a nervous person under constant stress, this will be really hard for me, so at the end don´t smoke if you don´t have to. See ya next time ;).

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  1. I hate when people go out of the house for a smoke, but stay inside for a joint :\