Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why cannot we have a good society?

Life thoughts:

Just a thought: Why cannot we have a good society?

              Hi guys. So I was wandering if there is a way to make our society better, and if the causes can be melted to an one single cause. But after what Alice  said to me about how the world is running, I was shocked. FOR UPDATE LOOK UNDER THE PART: UNIVERSITIES AND CHURCH!

The buisness companies
                Alice was with some friends, and some of the friends started talking about it´s companies.  They said that everywhere, where are people involed, there is money, and where is money, that company would be always thinking about making money and her primary goal, will slowly shift away. Pure things doesn´t exist. Their business is around telecomunications. Friend that is working in T-mobile, told that before O2 came on the market, they made a secret pact with Orange about prizes of roaming and fixed payment tarrif. They kept it secret and told every customer that the prizes can get lower, because that the prizes are actually lower than around the world, but they where exactly the same. When O2 came around, they lower their prizes, because T-mobile, make another pact with O2, where O2 can use their antennas, but they would raise their prizes for calls. O2 refused but, for those that use credit, they lower the time that SIM card will expire, and raise their prizes for fixed payment tarrif. After the news, that the new company is arriving to the market, T-mobile is in fear that Orange will make a new ally. So they synchronized with Orange and make sure that O2 is slightly under their control, so they can be prepared for a new company. They even set the prizes for using their antennas so high, that the new company has a problem to start their business.
                  Then her friends started to talking about other secret pacts even between other companies, too, but Alice refused tell me more about it. But she agreed that this post about VMA is true: (you can find it here.)

Universities and Church
                    Alice told me about some friends that are in church. They told her that majorly they all are bullies. If some of them aren´t acting by their standards, dean of faculties will send some students to perfrom "dark night". "Dark night" is when they make a deal with your roomate, that he will don´t lock the door to your dormitory at night, and then the students will walk into your room and beat the shit out of you, while you are sleeping. Your roomate will act as he is asleep. Next thing that Alice told me is that, the church is trying to eliminate ownerships of fortunes of every priest, but it depends on how the fortune was gained, and if it is dangerous to church. If you the person violate the firs two statements about fortune, the third one will decide if the church would act or not, and that is: if they needed to kept you shuted up. Alice said that, one of the "big animals" in the church, said that if he knew, what business is in it before he become what he become, he would stay as a monk on Athos.
                     Alice told me that Universities aren´t saint to. Some of the deans, earned their honorabilities and wrote books based on students works, but mostly they are safe, because they wroted in their book, that the author is "his/her name" and company. And for those that started Phd. are working on works of their teachers, while they go on vacation. They also delegate them with task as partnerships, where they must set lecture of the foreign teacher and guid them through out the university, but the money goes to the dean of the school. 

                        I insisted to Alice to tell me more, but she refused, because of our personal sake. And still you think that Game of Thrones series is still on fantasy level ? Platos book The Republic is actuall till this day. In this book Socrates defined the properties of "good", but he couldn´t define what is "good", and that´s why his famous statement is "I know, that I don´t know.". The problem is that we don´t know how to define "good" itself. And you can see that defining "good" creates various statements and cause many religions to be created. Tell me who wouldn´t want to live in a good society ? As you can see good society is undefined, even if you know what are properities of "goodness" by human morals, or laws but it will be a human society? 
                         Take for example UNICEF. Company gaved food to people in need in Africa. Those people learned that they will always suport them, so they feasted when they were given food, but then they fasted for two months, and they didn´t even hestiate to eat each other, while waiting for UNICEF to support them. UNICEF decided that they will give them food for work. And it was a good choice, because the feasting and fasting stopped. But from their prespective they became evil. 
                           The definiton of "good" can be defined if we realize, what is our Freedom.  Freedom
isn´t a endless field, but much like a skyscraper. You need to realize that your freedom ends a nd strats, where the other one begins or ends. And by more people that are in this world, your freedom becames more taller by options what you can do, but more thinner, because of what your choices can cause to them, even in your personal life as I polemize about this in my topic "What´s with the slut-shaming, and it is dishonoring people who fight for their rights?". 
                            It is not easy to realize that, because of the "Butterfly effect", which basically says that "Butterfly that waves his wings in Chicago, can make a storm in Germany." And now let´s teorize for a while. Imagine that you told something mean to someone. That person went down the street and bump into someone and they dropped their books. They helped them to picked them up, they apologize and walked away, because they were sad about what you said to them. The 99.99...% of other posibilities dissaper. What if your future grandchild would be sick, and they will not be cured because the person, that would became an excellent doctor, was not born because of that moment the person didn´t interact, because of your mean comment on them? We need to realize that we are Grey eminencies of people that we know and vice versa. We affect them, they affect us. This is my philosophy, that I might write further about it- So hating and not promoting gay marriage, war in Egypt and Syria is pretty stupid, if the person that caused the rioting and hating is making worse for themselfs, because in the end, he is also a person he will be affected too, and the way his death happens depends on it. We need to supass our inner Darwin and Freud  to take the next step on evolution. Think about it for yourself, because the words of this blog are limited by the life of the person that wrote the blog. Think.

See ya next time ;).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How much business manipulates our healthcare?

Life Thoughts:

Just a thought: How much business manipulates our healthcare?

             Hi guys. So I decided to make this topic, because as a young adult that spend  teenage years of taking care off parents, and even this day they need my help, personally, it really bothers me that if the medicaments they are taking aren´t poisoning them. So without further talk, let´s jump into it.

John Virapens story:
                John Virapen worked at pharmaceutical industry for 35 years. He even became CEO of affiliated branch in Sweden of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. After that, he started to critizice pharmacy industries for hiding more efective medical treatments and selling shit on markets around the world and bribing authorities and bureaus. He wrote a book called Side effect: Death (I couldn´t find english version of the book, so I translated the name of Czech version litterally ), where he states, that after seeing whats going on in pharmacy, he stopped using medicaments. He also says that if Acylpiryn was created in these days, it wouldn´t pass the laws, and it would not reach the global market. He also had a son in his older age, and so he says that he isn´t going to vaccinate him, because vaccines, are made uneffectly today to be at the lowest prize and easy-manufactured. It implies that pharmacy more focuses on business than on development of proper medical treatments.
                  He also states this things:
  • He inclines that swine flu was artificially planted in Mexiko. In January 2009, he witnessed how Minister of Healthcare in Belgium was negotiating with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlein about prizes of vaccines, but the pandemic disease emerged in May. When he asked how it is posible, they told him that they were expecting it. Later it wqas found, that pandemics was expected decades early, so countries could prepare themselves.
  • His company, that he was boss of at the time, created medicament Zyprexa  for treating depresion. It´s side effect is obesity that can lead to diabetes. Company Eli Lilly was main distributor of insulin (hormone that digest sugar in our food, esentiall for human digestion) at the time.
  • One time he flew to Seatle to bribe a honored professor to change the test results of Prozac which was for treating depresion. The test results showed, that it can initiate suicidal bias.
  • He says that it´s absurd to vaccinate children from common diseases like flu and etc. He states that they are made without effect but with lots of side effect. That´s why some children end up autistic or with poliomyetilis. Once his wife took his son to the doctor and she refused to vaccined him. The doctor kick her out with words, that he only diagnose vaccinated children.
  • He stopped using insulin treatments, even he has diabetes, for those reasons above.
  • He is alive, because he has documents that can prove what he is saying, so that´s why they won´t do anything to him.
My story:
          Some people say that some of his statements can be just pure hoax. But from Alices (fictional
character that I created for my personal and social sake) personal experiecne, some of them can be true. Alice is a comunnicative, investigative and a social person. She made bunch of friends from pharmacy. As an average person, she sometimes go to a doctor. Alice experienced some quite unpleasant things in this field. Alice went to a doctor and he gave her some recipies for some medicaments. She met her friend pharmacist and you know, they started to talk. 
            Her friend works as dealer for locals pharmacy shops and hospitals. Alice sometimes calles her friend a "drug dealer" for fun. She told her that some of her friend present medicaments as they are on some kind of TV show presenting products. She confessed that she is more clever than them, because she makes deal with the selling person. She has 1000€ from her company to go somewhere on dinner with the local pharmacist, so she can convinced them to buy her products, but instead, she tells the shop assistant at the local pharmacy shop, that if he buys and pre-order some amount of her medicaments that she sells for his local pharmacy shop, she will give him 500€, and his boss didn´t need to know. She even do this with doctors, and even she convinces them sometimes to prescribe more of her medicaments. Also she sometimes hands over some flyer, that if he can sell some amount of products of her company, he will win a vacation or a new TV or something. Alice´s friend looked on her recipe and she told her she didn´t need that
expensive medicamets. She told her to look up the active substance in each of her medicaments and she will sell her other medicaments with the same active substance, but cheaper. But she needed to know if she had some healt problems, so she can exclude some medicaments for their side effects. 
             She also told her, that her friends were debating about vaccines. She personally thinks, that they are dangerous, but it´s a fifty fifty wheter are dangerous or not. For her personal experience, she had bad relation with vaccinnes. After she was born she was vaccinated. After few months of her life, they discovered that she had a low imunity, so she was needed to be vaccinated every thrid week so till she reached age of 3. Some of her friends has some demented children from vaccinating, so she is not going to dement her child. They both live in a country, where vaccinating is mandatory, but she found a flaw in laws. She wrote a paper, that she agrees with vaccinating but with a expensive vaccine from a different country. This vaccine was so expensive and rare, that they won´t vaccinate her child.

Silly story right? ;) See ya next time.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Are wolves our forgotten symbol?

Movie thoughts

Just a thought: Are wolves our forgotten symbol?

              Hi guys. So I am going talk about history of wolves symbolism comparing to modern day, because I recently saw my favourite movies again, Blood&Chocolate and Underworld anthology and as I like  wolves, I decided to make a topic about it. And I m pretty excited.

Brief introduction:
               Underworld is a series of action horror films directed by Len Wiseman, Patrick Tatopoulos, Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein.  It´s about classic werewolf vampire fight, but werewolves are freed slaves in this one. I am not going to spoil it for you, these are good movie series so go watched them if you want.
                Blood & Chocolate is a 2007 film directed by Katja von Garnier, produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and distributed by MGM. It is very loosely based on the young-adult novel of the same name by Annette Curtis Klause, which was adapted into a screenplay by Ehren Kruger. The movie was released on DVD on June 13, 2007 in the USA. In this film instead, werevolves are living double life and they distinguished themself from humans, and it´s a thriller type movie. I highly recommend it. Very highly.
                And no I am not going to talk about Twillight. I watched it, because nobody wanted to go watch it with my

sister, and she wonders why. I mean it´s a really bad comedy for me. Did you saw that scene when main character Hell-a Spawn takes X-ray of her baby as she is pregnant? I laughed my ass off, because it reminded me of Bomberman game, where you play as Bomberman, that lays bombs to destroy walls and kill other creatures or players, if you are playing multiplayer. That 
x-ray definetly explains how Bomberman lays those bombs :D. And don´t even feed me with that bullshit that her child is from Retard Cumllen. Vampires don´t have blood circulation, so that means no erection, which means no baby-making, as someone else stated before, and werewolves aren´t hopelless and they don´t take their shirts off every five minutes. And I am going to end it here, because it would be a different topic. 

Wolves in Nordic culture:
           The most powerfull wolf in the Nordic regions is mythological wolf Fenrir or sometimes
mentiod as Fenrirsulfr. For those that didn´t know what I am talking about, I am taling about Norway Sweden, Denmark, and we can sort here also Germany because of the mythology. Old Germans, or Alemans, had similiar mythology based on Scandinavian countries like Roman Empire had similiar mythology based on Greece. Irish people were more into the trees. I mean there is a book from Fred Hagender called Trees, which I read, and it´s about Trees, from their symbolism (based mostly on Irish mythology) to their biology and physics, but back to the wolves. Another well recognized wolves were Fenris sons (which I think that one might be more of a daughter than son) and they will end the world. I am not writing abou this again, why they are ending the world or so, because I wrote it in my topic "Is Loki a true villain?", because Loki was Fenrirs father, so it would be better for you to go to read the topic, before continuing, so you can understand how the Nordic people saw Fenrir the wolf, which as a mythology figure, was impersonating hidden wisdom and devastating truth. Also, wolves were seen as wariors and protectors of theri family, and really wise creatures in the early ages. They also were the "badges of bravery and manhood", because young man that was in his teenage ages was send to woods to kill a bear or wolf, and he must make a some sort of hood or cloak from it, as to show his social status as a man. That´s how he became Ulfsark, first stage of becoming a one kind of warior. But for higher respect, as for example as Hersir (chief or honored  main warior of village), if you tamed a wolf pack, you have became more honorable in the eyes of others, and strangers would take you more seriously. I like to think about dogs nowdays, as a piece of honor from the north in our homes.

Wolves in Slavonic Culture:

          Wolves were sacred in the early ages for Slavonian. They didn´t have a wolf mythological figure, but that dosen´t mean they didn´t respect them. The wolf cultures was mostly centered around Kyjevan Rus Empire (so for better understandig, I will use incorrect term, and that is "Old Russia"). "Old Russia" was centered around Ukraine, Belarus and way up to Russia, and the legend from those days even said, that to became a Slavonic Emperor, you need to be a werewolf first, to rule above the people at daytime, and guard the forests at night. Werewolf wasn´t a beast, but a calm, wise person that will stand for whatever it takes, to protect their families, which were the people they had ruled. Slavonians have a friendly relationship with wolves, they respected their teritories and they probably as can be seen by latest archeological explorations, tamed them and live with them. At one point, it is said that Slavonians were closesto wolves than any other nation at that time. But because they didn´t wrote anything, the early history of ancestors of countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosna and Hercegovina and Czech Republic are lost, and most importantly, documents about wolves are lost with them too. But few fragments of history of these countries indicates, that wolves were seen as wise elder of the forest, protectors of families and symbol of family itself. This was before "Old Russia" happened, because in the time of creation of "Old Russia" Nordsmen and Eastern Slavonians were mixed up, so the symbol of wolves, or as they personification of something mixed up, but in the positive way. Wolves then started to signify another virtue, and that was dignity wich then was associeted with honor too.

Wolves in Indian Culture:
                 Indian people were more aware of, as I like to call it "Darwin symptom". They, as hunters,
recognized significance between human actions and animals actions so they started descriptions of ones mind, behaviour and personality based on similarity. They were aware of their bodies and mentality or psyche so this system leaded to creation of concept of spirit animals, which  thanks to conditions that this concept was created, can really work in some sort of way. Also wolves have similiar qualities with other ancient nations as described before, which is a bothering question for historians and archeologist. Also their seeing of wolf is identical to tribes in Central Russia, especially tribes near the river Lena in Siberia. The rituals to "invoke wolf qualities of they personality" is reason why it´s performed, even though it doesn´t deal with actual wolves as themselves. and you know, that having a spirit animal as a wolf, was a respectable status amongs others. But I must say, that later wolves started to symbolize wanderers, too, but it began in the Indian Culture.

           To read about mythology of nations around the world, with wolves and non-wolves mythological characters, i recommend book from Michael Jordan, The Encyclopedia of Gods. I got my hands on the Czech translated version, where they added Slavonic gods, so I would be glad if they translate it back to english. 

Wolves in Medieval ages:
                   So you probably already know, that at medieval times, shit went down, and yes I must agree, because wolves are not exeption for this rule. But let me clarify some facts. Yes, Christianity came, and somewhere in other parts of Europe went, and came, but church was not only the reason that throwed wolves from their pedestal. Feudal society was based on farming and lands, so people started to invade territory of wolves. The population grew bigger, hunting was increasing, and the wolves were forced to leave the forests. That´s were wolves to started to looking more like beasts.                         
                         Church stopped the wolves to making widespread into family crests, blazons, or family shields, because people started use things, referring to their history(also depending on if it was demonized by church or not) or mythical beigns reffering to supernatural ancestory, or things as a symbol of their family destiny. Wolves at this point fit the role of demons and ravage beasts, because they´ve been forced to move from their homes, and as they´ve were hungry, they started to be defensive and started to steal livestock and attaking humans. During this period even Nordic Fenrir the wolf was fully demonized. In literature they can also symbolize lust, for example like in book from Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy, which I recommend. Highly. 
                     But here are few exceptions too, mainly in later medieval ages. Wolves, beside they have negative qualities, like bestial anger in warfare, no mercifull agressive status, scary and so on, they became to symbolize also grieving, and even their color grey started to symbolize it, too. For example on some blazons they´ve even symbolized reward from perseverance in long sieges and/or hard industry.

Wolves in Modern age:
                      These days wolves almost vanquished as a symbol, but the ongoing image is mainly based on Indian ancestry. After the age of Enlighttenment the main focus of humanity is on human itselfs, so wolves are coming back as werewolves which are based on medieval depictions of wolves and that´s why I liked movie Blood&Chocolate more than Underworld, because in the movie Blood&Chocolate they based the werewolf on the medieval depiction but the main character is based more like Slavonian or Nordic depiction. In Underworld they were enslaved, but it´s ridiculous, because Vampires are enchanted corpses, but the trend turned them into something more, thirsty, and into a reasoning being, because  they once were people so they depict humans hunger for power and immortality now. Humans have changed, and you can not denied that. So think about it for a second. If you have such qualities as wolves show to each other, would you be a ravaging beast to your friends and family? Does the saying "Human to human as wolf" makes sense?
                         Another aspect of wolf in these days as a spirit animal of some sort can be for example found in book from Hermann Hesse, Der Steppenwolf. I don´t know if there is an english version, I got my hands on slovak version, so you must find it on your own. I recomend this book. The moral of this book is pretty much summed in this picture (no this is not  a spoiler, book is deeper than movie Inception): 

                     So basically, the image of wolves mutated into a symbol with good and bad qualities. I just want to say, that is funny how people say and categorize things and giving some meanings withou asking or finding out. I mean how can be wolf a symbol of lust? Because dogs often hump legs, and by turning that dog in a wolf will make this symbol more wilder, more boisterous? But it is in human nature to fit the pieces together for their own purpose, I suppose. I mean that people need to redifined wolves as a symbol of threat.
                       I heard a story on the internet, so it must be true, right? :D But no I am going to believe this one. There was once a pregnant lady, that was alone. Her husband left for pregnancy, like any other classic story. She was leaving somewhere in Aljaska, so when the contractions came she sat into the car and she tried to drive herself to the near town. Her car died on the road, so she decided to take a shortcut through woods, because it will only take her some 20 minutes t reach the town she headed. In the middle of  the woods she was ambushed by wolf pack. From that shock and terror she started to giving birth. She layed on the ground, and the wolves surrounded hear. They slowly came to hear, they lay next to her to keep her warm and even they bite off funis. I am going to belive that, because wolves have respected for pregnant women and babies, and also there are many more stories about them. They even don´t attack  their own puppies.
                          So I am saying, redefine the wolves as a symbol, and also redefine werevolves if they are coming back, but please not in some "romantic" shit, but in their true image.
                          And don´t forget be like a wolf, live likea wolf. There is more meaning and philosophy in this, but I am just going to end it here, because it is not the theme of this topic.

         If you want to keep updated follow me on Twitter, lin is on the right side of the blog,  you can also send me suggestions, what idea I should write about. See ya next time ;).

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good bye, my friend

Creepypasta time:

Good bye, my friend

            I know it´s too late for me to say goodbye. I know that. After all, you were my true friend. Now what remains are only memories. You are a little creeper you know, and that´s why you don´t have friends. You must change my dear, or you will be always alone, and getting a bit smart will help you either. How silly you were, oh my gosh, your a funny person. But a bit of naive too. And I am really sad for your ego and narcism, because that is the cause, why we aren´t best friends after all, but only just ordinary friends ...only. I am not, that dumb my dear, you should try something else on me. I thought that you were the pearl between the swines, and after all I was wrong. Do you want to see your friend disappointed? That´s not what friends are for, you know?! But silly me to expect  you to understand friendship, when you were just always alone in this cruel, cruel word. I understand your pain, my dear, I understand. You are not the only one that has such a pain in his heart. You are not the only one that is trying to fill it with something, but that will make you more desperate and it´s not the answer, my dear. It´s not the answer.
               Tell me my friend, answer me please to this question. Are you sad? Are you desperate? You already knew who I am, so why do you introduce yourself to me, if you knew that I don´t have what you are looking for. What were you thinking my dear? How come you made this mistake? But don´t be ashamed, my dear, I understand. I understand. The other thing bothers my mind. Maybe you was dumb, but maybe you was brave. I knew he must told you about me many times. I knew he even told you about our first encounter my dear. Just remember the words he said, and remember what he told you, because He can tell beautifull lies, my dearest friend. Probably He doesn´t told you how He screamed, oh, and how He screamed my dear. He screamed louder that the sound of near airplanes. He even tried to come to me disguised as dark itself. He is a shy person like you my dear, but you aren´t scared of light instead. He probably never told you that. He found a scar in my mind, but that scar just was alone like you both are. That scar just want a friendly hug, and He refused it. Don´t refuse the hug of my mind, it will make my scar pretty sad, you know? He even tried to love me, but he is only adorable to me, like a cute little puppy. That´s why He have to... leave. But I understand, you both are silly creatures. I am not even mad. But enough talking about him. You my dear friend really miss me.
                  I remember how cute you was, trying to meet me in person, but I must say, that you are not doing quite well in the game of hide and seek. I always saw your feet, or head between the trees. By the time I think you became better at this game. You need a lot of training my friend, a lot of training. And you should also check your manners,too. You are really, really rude to my friends you know. I know you are shy but that doesn´t mean that you can be impolite. I just want only good things for you, my friend, so don´t be stubborn.
                    At the end, I assume you just was brave. He told you who I am. You knew what was you doing, my friend. You tried to avoid my scar, but nobody avoids my scar. It makes me quite unpleasat, my dear. That´s why you couldn´t meet me at my dreams, but I felt you there, you little cute thing. What He didn´t tell you is that I have many allies, and most of them are His enemies my friend. Don´t listen to him if you don´t know anything, or you may be... well, this is your last chance my friend to switch sides. I knew that you  started to work with him, because disguising as a shadow in the corner of my eye is His old style. And that is making me quite sad, because of all your effort you choose the simpliest solution. That´s not right my dear, because the solution can be wrong. How can you been so mean after all what we experienced together, my friend, how? That´s why I broke the rule, my dear, to only send you this message. I knew some things about you as well. I knew that whoever talks with his photo on the internet about you, your little helpers will find him. But after your choice, I am sure you won´t bother me again, my friend, and you didn´t even said goodbye. It broke my heart my dear. But I don´t have that heart to leave without farewell my dear, not even with all those memories. I am a polite person. Farewell, my friend.

P.S.: I wasn´t asleep when you were watching me, my friend. I just waited till you say something. I am a polite person, I always listen. But you are so shy, my friend, changed that for me, would you? After all, I will never forget you, because I took a picture of you. I love to take pictures of cute things, but it´s a pity that you don´t smiled at the time...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why people aren´t aware of Smoking Etiquette?

Life Thoughts:

Just a thought: Why people aren´t aware of Smoking Etiquette?

                  Hi guys. So this topic isn´t about marijuana, so you can thank me for saving your time.                         Now for those that stayed, I am personally a smoker, but I am not raging about the fact that there are less and less places were you can smoke. I am baffled about the fact, that non-smokers or new-smokers aren´t aware of the smoking etiquette. For the non-smokers I just want to say that stop raging about smoking habits of others (if your raging isn´t about others people health), because sometimes it´s your fault. So I present you couple of rules to make the situation better for all of us, so every rule is broken down to two sections which are for smokers and non-smokers.
                   And non-smokers please understand that, smoking is a habit that if is it practiced for long time, it´s really hard to quit it (depends on the personality), because smoking satisfies nervous thoughts and habits. It works even on unconscious levels of human psyche, so be patient with the "quitters". (I like to call the persons that quit smoking like that, and by biology and by the laws of insurance companies, they are "quitters" till they achieve 7 non-smoking years, but it depends on country that you live in.)

The "CASTE" rule:
              For smokers: So if you are hanging out with your smoker friends somewhere inside (where you can smoke apparently), apply law of continual proportion. So if are there 2 of you, you can smoke both at the same time, but if you are at the amount of 5, it is better if they are currently 2 smoking people, and after they are done smoking, wait for a while and THEN ligh up your own. It´s because of the smoke in the air to get to the vents. If  you are at group of 10, 4 people can light up their cigarette and so on. If you have a non smoking friend around you, don´t smoke around them but instead take a friend or two for a smoke outside, so your only none smoking friend can better socialize with others. You need to organize that, because there will be smoke everywhere.I had a hard time to follow this rule myself, but this rule is like a gym training not only for your will, but for your social life, too. Plus points if you can keep the rule, and a bonus achievment for those, that kept the rule while were drunk.
                 If you are hanging outside, make sure there aren´t some children of their douchebag parents or pregnant women around you, and basically they can be inside too so check that either, And a Bonus fact: Sometimes doctor prohibits to quit smoking while pregnant, because the shock of non having nicotine in your body can damage the fetus, so it´s fail/fail no win.
                For non-smokers: Try to hang out with people that smoke somewhere where is no-smoking area. Avoid group of smokers, but if you have a group of friends that smoke, hang out with each of them alone without their other smoking friends. Don´t try to drag them on your side, but instead avoid bars and restaurants where is smoking allowed. Or if you are going somewhere with them, bring some non-smoking friends with you, so they can keep you company while others go for a smoke. It´s your fault that you hang out with them, and nobodys else, so don´t complain about the "mist". Smoker has a need, and it is his choice, neither you respect it or not. If you trying to help them, be patient and subtle. Hanging around this people isn´t only damaging your health, but also it will make you addicted, and you probably start smoke on your own.
                   Once, before I started smoking, I used to mix tobbaco in my friends cigarettes with crumbs from sparklers, so you can imagine the effect when they light them up. But after I started smoking, it happenned to me, so it cames full circle. So stop aspiring for the QUEEN OF BITCHES, because karma won that round long time ago.

The "EYE-FOR-EYE" rule:
                   For smokers: If you borrow a cigarette, return a cigarette. Even if you a are a heavy smoker. Always have a reserve cigarette for return. But not any cigarette, but at the same prize as the
cigarette was that you borrowed. So if  I bought a pack of 19 cigarettes at the prize of 2,90€, the prize of one cigarette is 0,15€. So arround this prize cca 0,01€ up or down, I expect you to return the cigarette. Not some cheap shit that is at the prize of  1,50€ of 19 cigarettes, so basically the prize of one cigarette is 0,08€. Return what you borrowed. I am currently in Slovakia and yes, these are the prizes of some cigarettes.
             If you have that "one friend", that pays you visit everytime he needs a cigarette, I don´t know why he is your friend anyways. I knew some persons that they are acting like they came for a chat, especially women are good at this, and they smoke some of your cigarettes and don´t even bother to return, and then they are acting like: "You didn´t ask?!?!". So my strategy is when they are having cigarettes, borow as much as they borowed from you. And don´t get fooled and don´t accept the "rule" that "If you don´t have in the near future, I´ll give you" or something like that, because they probably are "homelessing" from other people too, and it´s not going to happen that they will give your return. Even if you confront them, they will say, "I am helping your health", so say that next time if they ask you for a cigarette. And this isn´t only popular among teenagers, but also adults that are still "in closet" from their parents.
                      For non-smokers: Yes, this rule has an aspect for non-smokers. No, I am not going to tell you, that all of you know, that don´t give people cigarettes even if you don´t have any. I am not that stupid... maybe. But don´t even try it for fun, to make yourself a coughing clown, because from this one moment, and by hanging out  with smokers, you are very close addiction. My friend was a smoking-hater, after few smokes delayed by half-year he is now addicted like I am.
                      Now, I am going to talk about "quitters" and helping them. So try to be his guardian for a while, because in this era, you cannot became a shaolin by week. I mean that training your will in this era is on LEVEL TITAN HARD, because of marketing and stuff. So try to help them if they are failing and be patient. Quitters, you need to fill a hole in your life. :D I know that sounded rude, but what I want to say is that, you need to find some subtitute for cigarettes. And no gums aren´t the solutions, because even they are cheaper than cigarettes, you will spend more money on them than on cigarettes in a month or so. You need to come up with something tiring, like every time you need a smoke do an exercise, or drink water. Especially water is good, but be aware. Your "crazy-killer-habit" is because of low level of nicotine in your body, so by drinking water it gets worse to resist smoking, but if you resist the urge, you will be out of addiction sooner, than by any other method, and to go through this even faster, go to sauna for a week. And don´t forget to hide your weapons and sharp instruments... just in case. :D

The "STAND-ALONE" rule:
                         For smokers: This rule is simple. Don´t hang around non-smokers, children, pregnant women while smoking, and don´t go to a smoking area with non-smokers, children and etc. Don´t
smoke on train stations, bus stops, in public buildings, at least if there is no smoking area or your country doesn´t allows you.
                          For non-smokers: Bitches, what are you doing? I mean you are seeing that I am smoking so why are you PREGNANT hanging around me? Or letting your (born) child to run and play around when I was here first? Seriously, there is a saying in Slovakia that someones dead relatives must be so ashamed that they are turning around in their casket. Bitch, your dead parents became fans. Seriously I am som raged abou this. For example, I travel on train for like 8 hours sometimes, and when I go to have a smoke, out of nowhere people, kids, elderly, bananas, everyone is suddenly around me, us smokers. Just stop it, if you hate it.

                                    So for the record, I start smoking at my late 17, and I am prepared with the facted that I will have problem with quitting till my Masters Degree, but that doesn´t mean I am not trying to controled it. But as a nervous person under constant stress, this will be really hard for me, so at the end don´t smoke if you don´t have to. See ya next time ;).

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Tumblr review:


                          Hi guys. So I broke the golden rule of the internet, which is DON´T GET BORED ON THE INTERNET. Yes, it´s a golden rule, because if you get bored, you start to wander around. That´s the reason why I´ve seen so many shit, that kept me awake during the night, or kept me disgusted from certain things. Believe me, Two girls one cup, one man one jar, one man one hammer are just tip of the iceberg. I know that if people that don´t know the previous titles, they will search it up, so Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your curiousity. But luckily for now, I just stumbled across a site with some facts about human psyche and I decided to review some of them. If you are interested in these, click here to go to the website. All pictures bellow are from that website. Don´t ask me how I got there,... you all know that wandering on the internet is like tripping on  acid. Unexplainable and psychadelic.

Commentary: This one is true, but may be false. Some scientist convinced people near death to die on some sort of scale that are used in factories, but for this reason they were redesigned. Every time when a person died, the scale was showing 21 grams less than when they were alive. This experiment was never repeated due to ethical reasons. So it can be loss of some gasess from your lungs or skin or something. You can click here to see a video about this topic.

Commentary: Yes. but don´t forget. We chose our music that underlines our personality or our desire which can lead to memories and imaginating things. So sometimes when you look up the lyric,s after jamming on the beats, they quite respond to our situation. But sometimes we like the music because it´s from our favourite autor.

Commentary: Most of the fairytales, were ancient tales or legends from mythology. Even Snowhite represents a legend about Slavonian princess or Sumerian goddess Istar. Sorry but I cannot provide you with a source, you must look it up on your own.

Commentary: Uh daaaa.... First of all because of Darwin (to analyze and prevent the negative situation in the future of individual), and second of all psychologically because everyone wants to be a victim if something happens, like when you broke up with your significant other.

Commentary: Yep, there are some endangered spieces out there somewhere... writing blogs... talking about stuff... ;)

Commentary: Yep those people make you smile everyday, they are even kind and fun at parties. Often used by douchebags. I have seen them in their natural habitats. Poor things. Even though, they are hard to recognize from others, and when they open themselves, they are often  rejected and misunderstood.(no sarcasm included in this comentarry).

Commentary: So basically, if doctor prescribes me a lot of medication, only what I have to do is buy one of each meds and drink a hell of grape juice from Walmart or something? Or it isn´t how it works?

Commentary: Marijuanas sister plant was used for plumbing reparations, ropes and for other practical things in Eastern Europe till this day, but some of the countries stop using it due to EU laws. No, this plant cannot be smoked so hands down.

Commentary: ...*gulp*... aahhh... You know what they say, beer a day, keeps doctor away. :)

Commentary: Yep, that´s what I like to call "heartreading". I have plenty of advice by myself, and maybe I should make a topic about this. I don´t know, you decide, let me know if I should write about how tell something about people from their image, behaving.

Commentary: .... :-D Ok :-D Hold on for a second. Imagine that you will say this to someone when they cry infront of you because they broke up. It would sound like from Sheldon Cooper from The Bing Bang Theory series :-D.

Commentary: Ladies... I represent you science. :-)

Commentary: ... uhhh ... so when people have nightmares, who is missing them? I don´t know even if I want to hear the answer if this one was true.

                       So here was 15 psychofacts. Some of these are really interesting but none of them should be taken as seriously or something, because this is tumblr, it´s supposed to amaze. If you want to be smarter, get a book. So hope you like it. Follow me on Twitter for updates about this blog or send me suggetions. Maybe I will do this sometimes for fun or so. See ya next time.

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Hi guys. You should see this, in my opinion. Even it is about journalism, it is aplicable everywhere.

Are games like Settlers V. challenging the Hegels concept of Weltgeist ("World Spirit")?

Gaming thoughts:

Just a thought: Are games like Settlers V. challenging the Hegels concept of Weltgeist ("World Spirit")?

                  So when I was cleaning my older game stash I stumbled upon PC game Settlers V. Golden edition, and remembered about a thought I had, so I´m making it a topic. And now I am kinda angry that I didn´t made screenshots of it, so I´ll be using photos from the internet. Not actuall for this topic, but only for ilustration. Oh my god, this will be a long one... and borring. 

Brief introduction: (!Warning!: this part is borring, but you need to read it to understand :-/)

             So I am going to explain to you the difficult part first, and that is the term Weltgeist or as translated, World Spirit (personally the meaning of this term is better translated as "Thoughts an Actions of World in terms of Human Cultures and Societies throughout the History of Humankind" than the term World Spirit. Yes, IT IS diffirent from each other.)Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel was gigantic (as some people say, but I don´t like him anyway :-P) philosopher, even which Marx build on him, even though he was againts him as Tom Rockmore postulated in his book Marx after Marxism . You can briefly learn about G. W. F. Hegel by clicking here, but really briefly because he is more deeper that one can thought. He borrowed the term from his competitor and philosopher F. W. J. von Schelling, and because the term contains large understanding, it´s hard to briefly define the term Weltgeist (World Spirit). Basically what you need to know is, that the term "world spirit" indicates that all human thoughts and actions troughout the history (because humans are only ones that have the spirit that can change and shape the world) is the only universal and eternal criterion that is esential for humans. No Gods Great Plan, but only ourselves shape by the actions our society. He thinks that this "world spirit" is determined by nature, because of logic. He thought something like this (it´s my interpretation of his thoughts to make you understand this issue a bit, not his real thoughts): if the smallest parts of nature are governt by laws, and we are made off by the smallest parts as everything in the universe, our free will must be determined. He saw world as one thing that at the beginning decided to became trees and stars and stuff, but at the end trees will rott and became one with earth, stars will explode and became parts of other stars and so on. So basically universe will at the end, manifest into something. Like 2+2-3+8 will "manifest" into 9. But "world spirit", which is all thoughts, conversations, philosophies and peoples actions throughout the whole history of mankind, will manifest into a spirit of one single human being, which he thought it was Napoleon Bonaparte. After Napoleon was defeated, he was crushed, because he was Hegels proof of his philosophy, and even though, Hegel was always acting as "know-it-all", so this was devastating for him. He even thought that he was the manifestation and the end of philosophy itself. To better understand this issue, I suggest to read his books History of Philosophy, all volumes, or the book from Tom Rockmore that I mentioned earlier.
                     The Settlers V. Gold edition was made by Ubisoft. It is a strategic game where you must raise your city and form an army againts your enemy. It is placed in fictional medieval times and it has its pros and cons, I kinda like it, so if you wanna try it, go buy it. The Gold edition part adds early riffles, inns, architects and bridges to the game, but it is not necessary to know it right now.

The analogy or more like a riddle:

                      So I was playing one of the single player maps, not campaing, because I kinda hate those, and after I exhausted the mines, I rebuild the places as small villages with trading functions, so basically at that time this analogy came across my mind. 
                       Imagine a village in medieval times, let´s say in the times of inquisition, somewhere in a rich monarchic state in Europe. It is very very far from another village or town, so they must often act on their own. This village has only two entrances and is guarded by mountains around it. At each of the entrances to the village are 2 canon towers, so the village has basically 4 of these. Each canon tower needs 3 people (this isn´t in the game) to operate. In the middle of the village is a road that runs through the village and it connects both of the entrances. On the right side of the village is a Treasure-house with 7 tax-collectors. There is also a Farm with 3 farmers that provide food for the Tax-collectors, and a
House where the 7 Tax-collectors and 3 Farmers sleep. On the left side of the village there is a Cathedral with 7 monks and a Farm with 3 Farmers, which provide food for the monks and they also sleep with the 7 monks in one house on their side of the village.  Every week, the Tax-collectors  need to go to the nearest town to collect taxes from the market-place which takes them some time pretty long time to get there, collect taxes and get their asses back.                    Some monks travel troughout the country to convert people to their religion, or to support the troops, but some must stay to prepare blessings for people of their country and give sermons, so each major sides in the village have their goals and they will fight for them. Sometimes King comes to Treasure-house for an inspection, and sometimes Bishop pays a visit too. Don´t forget, they are basically separated from the outside world and one of the sides wants the ultimate control above the village. Now gather everything you know about the era and people and power and money and other stuff that you think is important variables for this village and answer these questions:

1. Who will become Mayor of this village?

2. Who will operate the cannons in the time of need?

3.Will the village secede from the King?

4.Will the village secede from the Church?

5.Who will have the upper hand in the village?

6.What consequences will it have on the country?

               Now give yourself a time and think about it. Don´t read further, because you are ruining it for yourself.

                  I really need to stop call it "Conclusion", because it is basically my thoughts, even they sound logical, but I make so many stupid things, that when I make something smart, it suprises me :-/.
                   Basically, my opinion can be summed into this scene from Game of Thrones:

                                                   If you cannot load the video, click here.

                           Now think. By this video you will say my answer is that the monks will have the upper hand. Will they? If you think about it, the real power in the village is in the hands of Farmers by providing food. But for a common peasant wich is in minority, even they are 6 farmer in the village, they are separeted by bigger groups into halves so if the monks and tax-collectros make a deal, they would be basically enslaved. Yes, Monks have the upper hand, because for everybody that dosen´t believe in God, will be burned alive back then, but the Tax-collectors can also threat people for not paying taxes and sending them to prison or even bribe them to do stuff, even illegal. So what your answers were?
                              Basically I am saying that Hegel was wrong and I am prepared to be eaten alive by Academics in this field. The manifestion of World Spirit   doesn´t depends on the history of human thoughts and actions, because those are immidient responses to surroundings of human being to survive. Even though you can see something like World Spirit  happennig when people are dying out, but it is an illusion created by the basic sense of survival. I am saying that linking thoughts troughout the history as something that people are making alive as some sort of creature is nonsense. The actions and thoughts are temporal and they can been seen like that, but people continue develop ideas because the era which they live in is changed by the time they start to develop the current idea, and it isn´t necessity that the idea is true. So people have this "false continuity"  when they enter fields of study, but they must think of them as groups, not timeline if they want to disover something new.
                             In our today society we went through lot of ideas and "-isms", like Donatism, pragmatism, racism, nacism and so on, and yes it shaped our world, but for example, if few of us were sent on other planet with nothing, we will start from the begging, because there will be no reminders of our past as humanity. There is no such thing as World Spirit as a summary of actions of every individual, but as I call it, "Spirit of One", that can influence another, and then a influenced group of people can make a mark on our History which others can study and depend on because of their basic survival instict that can become power-hunger. This "Spirit of One" is constant due our consciouness, and will be till our evolution dosen´t say otherwise. This "Spirit of One" dosen´t have history, because it lives now, in every human being and is separated from others. It only has a development (as adding and adding a lego brick to make a tower), different in every individual (someone could tell "embrace your inner child", but it is our behaviour that went into our unconsciousness, we didn´t become mature, we just stopped using some traits of our personality and started to use the ones that we discovered learning.), and it is different also because of Einsteins relativity, where time for everyone isn´t the same. That last one was because of our mentality, it takes time to develop, so if you see someone behaving stupid, be calm. It takes time :D.  
                                 We are all born as empty shells, and we all learn to hate if we choose to. That´s why social simulators are often wrong in their solutions with deeper problems, because they don´t count with the extras of human nature, that even we didn´t discover yet. You can see that by my questions about the village you were making schemes to answer them correctly. But on which variables you depend on? We were shaped by what we learned and we shaped our needs by it, but don´t forget, it´s also vice versa.

                     So at the end I must say that, power resides were mans needs reside, they are the shadow on the wall. Now you can start again and think about questions, but in term of needs of villagers. You will see that your answers will be clearer and much more likely to happen.

                   So after this borring shit I am not expecting someone to survive it to the end. But if you did, please let me in the comments or twitter, or facebook what are your thoughts and answers.
                   See ya next time ;-)