Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Day That Never Died...

I wish I could tell you a lie,
how I wish this day would have died,
because when this day happened,
and I had certainly cried,
but this one day
never had died...

I remember how we talked,
under the open sky,
about the things that happened,
that not many survived,
about the meaning of the Philosopher´s stone,
and if it´s just a radioactive ore in an aluminum foil...

About the parable of the Prodigal son,
and how is it about Lucifer thinking he won,
and about the visions, that future may bring,
but that fateful day has a painful sting,
because I realized, I will never wear the ring...

And that day, that should have died,
would become the center of my life...

I was there for you when you attempted suicide,
low on money, not swallowing your pride,
and the things your father had said,
resonated, and we made a plan that paid...

But you viewed me as a brother and nothing more,
my heart is certainly washed up somewhere on the shore...

And I had worked the fields all the summer nights and days,
so some dumb-urban people would have something to say,
I thought  you understand since you were abused,
but since you, every boyfriend colored me used...


That fateful day that should have certainly died,
and Lord knows I tried to forget, oh, and how I tried,
but I still remember the sunset next to the moonrise,
how the evening started and the morning was a surprise.

How the summer rain came and went,
but not one dime of silence was spent,
and we realized, that when feminists start to toot their horn,
we will become forgotten, the urchins and the later-born...

And we fought for our generation that was used at the time,
but many were manipulated into the life of crime,
almost as you, as it was so tempting,
to have what everyone has, and now you were getting...

A glimpse of hope was seen with their scream #AllforJan,
and only we knew, he wasn´t the only one,
and even our prez found out he is gay,
but he will not come out as it´s not the Day...

I thought that everything in me had died,
but this Day, only Lord knows what else will survive,
and their scamming agenda for family values,
will strip even women from some of their status...

But since you had left with that Day of a dream,
I worked my way around, to get where I need to be,
and even though this will not end my tries,
it´s time for me to say to it the last goodbye...

As for this day, that never had died,
it´s time for me to bury it, even if it´s alive,
so is the purpose of this poem, or at least it´s its aim,
as on a haunted grave, I hope it stays never looked upon again...