Friday, February 9, 2018

Essay on the Light and Darkness


I´m back after a quite while as I had a busy 2 or so years, so for those who waited for the aforementioned blog on twitter, I lost my research, so I´m doing this topic instead. The reason is mainly that I traveled a lot. I talked to a lot of people, I was involved in a lot of things and had a lot of thoughts, particularly about this topic. I was thinking about this a long time ago but decided to write it down now, for whatever reason that is unclear even to me.

As for my travels, I encountered the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. Now, if someone mentions this term, you may think that someone is going to talk about how someone or some people, or even the world,  is stupid as this is the usual connotation for this term in a conversation, but I elaborated on this in my mind and got very metaphysical. The point is, that Alice (see previous posts) urged me to write about the immigrants becoming a political power tool (like nukes in the Cold War era but reversed), separation of  Doneck Republic, Annexation of Crimea, Rise of Trump and fall of Clinton, Slovakia´s political straight alliance disguised as an insurance/mortgage scam, fall of the Polish plane with their president, bombing at the Ariana Grande concert before it even happened, but what intrigued me, and it is the main reason I didn´t write about it is, that I was intrigued by the fact of how come nobody saw it coming.

Instead of explaining how come I knew these things would happen, besides my "little birds" (maybe in the discussions, comments, whatever medium is available), I would like to present you my way of thinking and seeing the world. Which is basically an opinion. On the internet. So you know how this will go :D

The Angels and Demons

It is interesting to mention, as this can be used as an example and a bridge to the point of this essay basically, that Slovakia had an increase in the private business sector with Angel therapy, Angelologists, Angel help-divination and so on. This type of niche in the market is quite experimental to my taste as the precursors for this type of business to be successful is there, however, it falls short in the long run. The fact, that Slovakia is religious can be used to set up and invest in a business like this, as many people here are Roman Catholic so the presumption might go, that people would rather have, and be a more trustfull and reoccuring customer to an oracle working with angels rather than to a someone practicing Wicca (which is not widely known in Slovakia, and thus it is viewed as a part of an alternative subulture, batched together with pot-smoking, raving or psychedelic movement, even though Wicca has different branches and most of them are, like some would say, "compatible with the traditionalists", just for your information). However, what managers, business investors or ordinary people may miss is the fact, that the precursor isn´t the fact that Slovakia belongs to the religious belt of Europe. Quite the contrary. 

The religiousness of Slovakia is supported by the fact that after the fall of Austria-Hungary, Slovakia was left with only a strong agricultural industry. This industry requires more attention, even if automated, to be running smoothly. Thus, family values and overall traditional values (as you need people to crop the fields to survive the year and mainly winter, because more children equal´s more work-force and thus decreasing the harvest time of a 50 acres fields which leads to increasing of the size of the fields and so on) get stronger and more embedded in the population more, than artistic and idealistic pursuits, as farming is time-consuming. And since farming is time-consuming, people don´t want to think about whether public breastfeeding is okay or not. They want to have a set of rules of life, given by somebody else, as they don´t have time to find their own way. This seclusive and time-consuming style of life means that traditions get passed more easily from generation to generation over the years which is the source of the Churches power. And these traditions and personal values stay with the generations that don´t even know what wheat looks like without google. 

So for those that want to set up a business around angels need to keep in mind that new-age terms like "find your path, be free, train your gratitude", as people already have those vague rules that can apply on anything from the traditions of church or family they grew up in. When they come for an angel-oracle they want specifics. And this is the cross of the breaking because you cannot make a business on a nation-wide scale if the mentality is on your way, THUS meaning that your business is going to be urban-oriented. Which means you need to reassess your view on what a city is, because if your business functions on an internet and ear-to-ear friendly suggestion marketing, it´s not gonna boom if  you kickstart in a country, where a city is a "settlement" of 50,000-100,000 people aged mainly between 40-80 from a generation that doesn´t use internet on a daily basis like "everyone" does. Besides that, you need to understand that many people live in the villages with population maximum of 500 and thus you may think, that an ear-to-ear, friend-to-friend marketing would be more effective, but with those personal values (that word "regional zeitgeist" I hate to use) you will be mentioned only if you impress those people. And you can impress them with specifics that will make an impressive emotional response from the customer, and not vagueness as is the "make someone feel good" goal, as this type of business is based precisely on this "entertainment", unofficial or/and legal laws. And that´s the full circle.

Please, understand, that what I´m trying to say is not how to set up a business like this or explain how Slovakia became what it is currently, I´m trying to showcase my way of thinking in this supposed era of "post-truth". Just read this explanation again and notice how facts don´t imply each other, but make sense and here is why. 

Perverted Kant, Abandoned Wittgenstein and Cackling Bacon 

What I´m trying to say in the paragraph above is for one to realize, that not the absolute black and white facts are important, but the relationship between them is important, BUT not the logical part, but the contextual part. And by contextual part, I mean how it all came to BE, unbiased as possible, like looking at an Antfarm and understanding the holes and caves they make, without any sense of belonging or interest towards them, just clear observation with deducing the most possible outcomes of the shapes and places of their caves in the soil.

The Crux of this era is the word "truth". And since the USA has a strong marketing presence on the internet, their values are strongly shared and pressed (this isn't going to be an Anti-American propaganda, just explaining my point as you will see further). Since U.S. were created from the colonies, a diversion between the populace occurred by being separated by distances and by "growing up" with different problems, thus leading to the word "truth" being misused as in  "I have mine and you have yours". During their unification, the forefathers saw that this can lead to problems on a political scale, so using force and non-resolving the issues (which some are not even capable of resolving due to the different mentality of some states, stemming from their history) is the ideal easy way to keep things in place. This may seem good, but adding time into the equation, we saw what happened at Berkley, the strong refusal of gun-regulation and such, and it all stems from the secluded way of life from the first colonies when the "tribal mentality" developed, same as in Slovakia, but for different reasons.

As Wittgenstein in his work On Certainty tried to showcase the difference between believing and knowing and ended up showcasing that opinions don´t matter much as the relation to the other opinions in a person´s mind does, as they can trigger a behavior or an act that can not only damage society, but it can derail everything we know into the Brave New World novel given the space and mainly time. This situation in the world lead to Kant´s noumena being perverted to a simple equation feelings=truth same as facts because they´re basically just thoughts in a person´s mind and thus they must be equal on an ontological scale. That is the reason, why I think Bacon must be laughing because he indirectly predicted this whole mess in his New Organon, with his concept of idola fori  being the spark for what had happened; stemming and being supported by idola tribus, which in this day and age of urbanization is being prevalent, thus it focuses market on it and thus we see things like fake news and "10 Disney princess if they were real women" and such. And for me, this is not the "truth" as it brings up unresolved problems from the past.

On Light and Darkness

We are all familiar with concepts of Light and Darkness, Light being the good, the truth, the clarity, the thing we want, the known, the happiness and so on while Darkness is the opposite. If someone would ever present me an option, to choose between the Light and Darkness, I would choose Darkness. Not because of power, but because in Darkness is the truth as it really is. In Light, you can see everything, which is not good. Because in Light a foil from a candy can appear to be like a 5000€ opal from Swarovski until you touch it. In Darkness, you need to be careful not to bump into things and only senses you are left with is touch and hearing. With touch, you experience, perceive the thing as it really is, unbiased, unopinionated and you become curious, as of whether the thing you are holding is going to hurt you or not... but you are curious, maybe fearful, but it´s the drive for curiousness. In Darkness, you are able to recognize the difference after some time of what structured language is being used by a liar and a truth-teller. In Light you can give into their appearances, as people strive for belonging to somewhere/someone. In Darkness, you can not rely on the laziness of the eyes, meaning you know what you see, because that´s how prejudice is spawned, also with opinions. In Darkness, you need to rely on your trust, touch, hearing and applied logic. In Darkness you would understand, that logic is not a path to truth, but a mere Lego to get there, so it is important how you use it. In Darkness, you use logic outwards, towards your surroundings, in Light you use it to protect your view and opinions because of your laziness and comfort-zone. Yet people would die without the Light. If I retract from this allegory, Bacon even stated, that the human nature is built in such way, that to say that to truly know something, we must master it, meaning, having the knowledge of the thing sufficient enough to bend it and twist and APPLY IT to OUR WILL, which Rorty hoped isn´t true. That is why people chase the Light in Darkness, failing its tests. Because in Darkness, you truly see, paradoxically, how much you are in your head and how much weight your opinions and prejudices have weight to you because without Light, you can see nothing to support your own belief. In Darkness you gain skills, in Light you gain perspective and together you gain truths that create wisdom. In Light you can have so many perspectives that it can lead to illusions, but applying skills, and repeating that process, you become active and realize, that the truth is really "how the thing is". The real truth is realizing we are human, strapping the perspectives of Light and Dark and focusing on the how something becomes something, and the badness or goodness of the thing. So at the end, there is no such thing as truth as we imagined it. There is only "what happened, what is" and the relation to everything else and that the truth cannot be known, only experienced and be it later as a memory. Understanding this can better your deduction and induction skills, better your research and planning. But it is still only an opinion.

This was my two cents since I didn´t post for a long time, had a free time so I tried to pass it by, writing this. Anyways, thanks for clicking and have good day.