Friday, September 20, 2013


                     I really need to stop worry about you my dear, because it can hurt me more than I am from your... well... everybody has a moment. I am sure that you didn´t ment to do such things. I am assuming, that you are just "exploring" yourself, and everyone stucks sometimes on the one side that they are. At first I was worried that if you have enough friends, you know, after you send them to me thinking that I am alone, and I need a company. It was very nice from you, my dear, but now I see that you are a friendly person after all, and number of your little, cute helpers is counting. I just don´t like the word helpers that I used, my dear. I think they deserve a bit more noble name, because after all, they are quite smart, but still... there is so much for them to learn. Even you, my dear, aren´ the brightest star in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle little one.
                     Don´t worry about me, my dear, It wasn´t unapprieciated love for you, that was making me sad. It was just generousity, that you didn´t recognized. You know that I am a polite person, but also I am nice, too. Remember how I wrote you a message about that dance, that I have with your friends ? I generously save their lives... even release could be a gift. But without purpose it´s just a crime, so don´t warm your heart with a thought of being a saviour, because a saviour doesn´t hunt. Saviour saves, my dear, and you now that. You are just repressing it, and that´s making you confused, like a puppy on ice.
                      I know... we should get ourselves time out for a while, meet new people, start something new, but after allying with my friend, that is not quite pleasant, I must act, even if it concerns you. After you came after our dance, I was even worried, that you will now have nowhere to go. But I am glad that you still have a place where you can feel the warmth of acceptance, or even love, my dear, but I think you got little green-eyed on me. I know that you were in places where we experinced some things together, such funny times they were. I will cherish these memories with you.
                      But please don´t get it grow over your head to much, because at the end, you will have nothing. Be yourself, that´s what matters. By the time you understand this, I created a nostalgic photo for you, so you can reflect on this place in times of suffering, my dear, because I understand your loneliness. Isn´t it cute? I really do have a talent to take pictures, as I may say... remarkable talent. Hope you like it.

                          Oh... those memories I have with you, while starring on the picture. One may say that magic was involved, but we both know that there is not such thing. I must even named these meassage "Tick-Tock", because even I can here ticking of your, as others will say, biological clock my dear. Your hungry for love, and that´s why you are acting strange to me. I know that by "love" the exact explanation of these term for you is different. Because after all, we all are searching, my dear. But sometimes we mistaken our muse with love, too. I know you were there after my little dance with your friends, and I must tell you, don´t let Him tell you to ruin your places of your memories. He is quite... callous and rough to his allies. I am still hoping for you to chose the right path, not the simple one as you usually do. But than again, I´ll talk to you later, because at the end, I am an also generous person, and you my dear, needs help. I am not expecting you to understand yourself instantly, oh my gosh no. Patientce has been the key for centuries, and suprisingly, you didn´t understand it at all. As a generous person I am my dear, and ppolite too, click here for the first message from me, or here for the second. You see? I am not mad at you or dissapointed. I will even gladly help you next time... as always...

P.S.: I know that you wanted to go to that place, and by Him sending you, you was so joyful about it... but at the end, you had have missed one piece, my dear.

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