Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Students White Russian


Students White Russian

               Hi guys. So this is an alternative to original drink "White Russian". Original recipe can be
found here, but by original I mean most preferable, because there are slightly different concoctions around the world. This is not an actual photo, it´s just here for illustration.                
                   I recently drink this a lot, because I am currently writing my bachelor thesis. It has been certified, that beer helps you with searching for ideas and coffe makes you focus on them. But I am a big deal, so I need a harder fuel than beer for this kind of stuff. ;) :D


  • Vodka
  • Milk/Cream
  Basically you add half of a shot glass of vodka to a cup of milk. You can add more vodka of course, but I like when I couldn´t sense the taste of alcohols in drinks, because I mainly like my alcohol pure. This drinks, and it´s other alternatives scream: "Live me the fuck alone for now." or "I´m DONE." or "I have an idea for my work, don´t disturb.". I think it´s screaming that, but maybe it´s just me, because I mainly drink this when I am in those moods. So if you see me drinking this drink, just don´t make eye contact, and stealthly walk away :). Here are some of my alternitives for this drink.

Students Hot Dark Russian

The recipie is the same, but first you make yourself of hot cocoa. Don´t used ordinary cococa powder but the sweetened one that are made for children. It is like every grain of sugar covered in cocoa. Just warm the milk in microwave with vodka and then add the sweetened cocoa powder. I add more vodka in this one, because heating it up will decrease the taste of alcohol in drink. This variant is dangerous, because if you didn´t pay attention to how many you had of these, you will end up drunk. 

Now these are the same but with some difirences:

  • Students Hot White Russian: Same as Students Hot Dark Russian, but leave out the sweetened cocoa powder.
  • Students Cool Dark Russian: Same as Students Hot Dark Russian, but you didn´t heat it up. You can also add Ice, and/or let it in the fridge for an hour.
  • Students White French: Instead of vodka, use cognac, or applejack. Also adding cocoa powder will make your drink Dark, heating it up will make it Hot, and so on, like with the previous alternatives.
I mostly prefer Students Hot White French, because of taste, and it tastes good. Have fun, but be aware and don´t get drunk... too much. Passed out is OK if it´s weekend... sorta.

See ya next time ;).

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