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Is Déjà vu based on the same system as prophecies themselves?

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Just a thought: Is Déjà vu based on the same mechanics as prophecies themselves?

                        Hi guys. So I was thinking, about human nature and the phenomenon, de javu. Here are my thoughts about it.

Brief introduction:
Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not. Also there similiar phenomenons, for example: 
Jamais vu (from French, meaning "never seen") is a term in psychology which is used to describe any familiar situation which is not recognized by the observer. Often described as the opposite of déjà vu, jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer's impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before. Jamais vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily does not recognize a word, person, or place that they already know. Jamais vu is sometimes associated with certain types of aphasia, amnesia, and epilepsy.
Presque vu (from French, meaning "almost seen") is the sensation of being on the brink of an epiphany. Often very disorienting and distracting, presque vu rarely leads to an actual breakthrough. Frequently, one experiencing presque vu will say that they have something "on the tip of my tongue".
Déjà entendu, (literally "already heard") is the experience of feeling sure that one has already heard something, even though the exact details are uncertain or were perhaps imagined.
As you can see, they are very similiar, and all of them have something to do with memory and senses. But aren´t they just a, like I like to call, "brain problem" ?

              The explanation of Déjà vu vary. Youtube channel Ted Ed made a video "What is Déjà vu? What is Déjà vu? - Michael Molina" about this phenomenon, which proposes theories about what can cause such thing. 

                         Also, same thing was done by youtube channel Vsauce, they also made a video "What is Déjà vu ?", where they looked on the phenomenon more biologically.

My thoughts:
                           I personally think, that this phenomenon is pure psychological and just give me a second to explain it to you, why I think about it this way. I think that study of this phenomenon is not following the Copernician Revolution, which basically says that the "subjects "moves" around the object and not vice versa". As for studying humans, or their parts, we need to study "the object" as ourselves (some kind of subject-subject, not subject-object level), because "it" is like us, and thus, we should not forget about Darwin and Freud as in first place, because measurments of us are interpreted by us, with our flaws and our "idols" (from philosophy of Francis Bacon in his work New Organon) and thus interpreting brain that had a personality with it´s flaws and idols, is doubling the risk of wrong results. The descriptions of mechanical physics is independent form human nature and they are same for all of us, but studying such thing as Déjà vu is entering the fields of each ones personality that aren´t the same for everyone. From the physical prespective the neuron connections of the indviduals brain are unique for each of us, thus causes for Déjà vu can be physically various and by studying brain we are standing on the borderline with things like "soul" and "conscience" and even "free will" . That´s why I even think that neurology shouldn´t be a sub-field of anatomy but something independent, even though it´s an another study of an internal organ. 
                            For example, define "prophecy". It is an ordinary statement that is not true nor false. But psychologically, we humans have that strange "vibration" from it, as some kind of fear or expectation that it can happened. The prophecy itself is just an information created by humans and transcribed into language, so by itself, it can not do nothing to us, but the people can change because of it. But we defined it, because we created the term prophecy, and looking back on history, we "experienced" that they can become true, even they are ilogical and out of the law of causality. But still if the prophecy became true, we suddenly have that feeling like it was true all the time, and thus if you compare the feelings of the fullfilled prophecy and Déjà vu, they are the same, because of the natural build-in feeling of stress from a threath . Funny thing is that I recently heard on slovak news that scientist claim that Déjà vu is caused by hormonal imbalance in Hypothalamus, and hypothalamus is also know as "door to consciousness". 
                              Our brain is recording, but at the same time analyzing what it sees, so I think that the problem is in awareness. So let´s say that brain analyzes and predicts what´s going to happen quicker than it is actually happening, thus creating the feeling of  Déjà vu. It may also explain why this phenomenon is subconscious,  and this statement is supported even by psychological percieving of time (basically when you are happy, time goes faster and it goes slower when you are feeling down).
                               Think about it. Both videos talk about eyes, which are the main tool for our awareness, but would you without any senses still have that feeling of Déjà vu 

See ya next time ;).

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