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Does art by confroting human securities creating "haters" and thus sacrifices it general meaning and it understanding?

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Just a thought: Does art by confroting human securities creating "haters" and thus sacrifices it general meaning and it understanding?

                              Hi guys. Sorry for the title, but I had no idea how to formulate it better. I know that I am late on this, so you can call me "slowpoke" on this one, but it´s because I totally forgot about this video until now. This video was done by youtube channel GARDNERVALLENTINE, and it´s name is "Adele - Set Fire To The Rain Music Video - With Adele Impersonator". Please watch it first, before reading any further.

                                  So this video has now some positive feed back, but it had some rough comments under it for a while, than good, and than another bad comments so it was like on a rollercoster for a while. My comment made  to the Top comments, but it dissapeared, so I am going to unwind it here.
                                   So basically art means to express somethin, in direct or allegorical way. The magic about this is that because of variety of peoples personality it can be interpretate in both ways at the same time. What also bothers me, that, for example, a painting with a splash of color on it can be sold by bilions of dollars, so if I would be an art criticque, I will judge art by it´s complexity first, then by meaning of it, and lastly by history  of author in art, so the final prize would be 100 €. It could be lesser, but the prize also counts with the companies and authors reputation.
                                    This video is depicting a story, that describes twist in Adeles (impersonator) life. The female dancer is by the thoughts of people supposed to be Adeles allegory. The video artistically depicts the joy and struggles of love life. The most hated part is when the two male dancers start dance with each other.
                                      So the problem with this is prejudice, because the "weird" part, where two men dance is making some people uncofortable. What they don´t realize that this is artistic video, so the meaning of two guys dancing can be also explained otherwise. This video can also depict a man (as Adeles impersonator) that lost his love to another male/female. The posibilities are endless, because the video itself is basing its art on the song, so the purpose of the video is to show the posibilities of causes for "setting fire to the rain". The song itself is about broken heart, and the cause is mystified in lyrics.
                                      The cause that art can recieve negative feedback is, that people defend what they are projecting themselves onto. For example, I wouldn´t buy a splash of color as a painting even not for 3€, but for someone it´s more complex and has more meaning for them. As I stated before, on my previous topics, people choose types of music, based on their personalities, their beliefs and current life-view. If one of these things is questioned or attacked by other forms of art, they start to hate it and attack it back. We can even asociate art with things, that hurted us or are of some kind of potential threat, in the way that can crumble and destroy our world, that we created in our minds. And this is what people need to understand, because the basic root of non-profit for companies, deniyng rights of people and so on, is based on hate. For the record, by hate I mean general disliking, not only it´s extreme form.
                                        So you can have a opinion from your life that being gay is bad, but remember it´s your opinion not everybody. Freedom is not like a field, it´s more like a skyscraper. Your freedom ends there,where other people freedom begins and vice versa. By more people that came to this world, the more posibilities of what can you do in/with your life would raise, but the weigh of your actions will also raise, and the same is for responsibilties. The skyscraper grows taller everyday, but at the same time also grows thinner, and that is even what every goverment needs to know.
                                        So if you don´t like some art, or something, try to reflect it on something that you like. Try to go in gallery, and make up your story for examle and try it develop, or describe it, by every art piece that is there. Maybe you will then create a good book or movie :) .

Lastly, I want to say that, people need to realize, before memorize.

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See ya next time ;).                          

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