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Can be personality of your future child be seen on behaviour of it´s pregnant mother?

Life thoughts:

Just a thought: Can be personality of your future child be seen
on behaviour of it´s pregnant mother?

                 Hi guys. So I was wondering about this quote by René Descartes Click his name if you want to know who he was, I am lazy today for a "Brief Introduction" as I am doing it on previous topics of my blog ): 
"Cogito, ergo sum."
                ... which from Latin means, "I think, therefore I am.". But let me get it straight. This quote was firstly known as "Dubito, ergo sum.". "Dubito" means "to question". What he was saying was, that our only evidence, that we exist, and we are learning true stuff, not illusions,  is only based on the fact, that we can not question the fact, that we can question anything. So thinking became our proof that we exist, and the quote transformed later in his writing in the form that can be seen above. QUESTIONCEPTION... sorta. I think his face was like this when he was thinking abou it. :D Bonus points for those, who know what this meme represents.

                  I know, you might be thinking, that how the hell does this thing have something to do with babies and pregnancy ? So let me explain in it to you.
                 René by this quote turned the world upside down, because if he didn´t did that, we will be explaining that the cause of nuclear reaction is because of God, for example. The premises he used to end up with this quote, also showed that we are born with some ideas that make up our personality, behaviour and it also indicated what person we will become and how our future will be like. Also there were some people that disagreed with him like John Locke for example. But from our perspective of modern world looking back on his era, we can ponder about it for a while, because maybe he was had on his mind reflexes that every baby mammal has. The truth is that if you consider that fact, and you look on pregnancy of women, something can be true about this. So maybe there was some misunderstanding from Johns part, by the way. 
                  Consider for yourselves, that hormonal imbalance in pregnant women changes personality, but also our "moods" our neural/hormonal responses to situations, and even some neuron connections use hormones. So by this way of thinking, the brain development of a baby can affect mother and vice versa. If we have to drag Darwin into this, it becames logical that mother, as for her basic individual instict for survival and survival of our kind, should know about the development of her baby (at least unconsciously), and therefore, she should know what the baby needs for development are and at what stage of "growing" is. (yes, I am talking about "crazy pregnant tastes in food" and "mood changes")
                   This fact is also supported by basic human misunderstang in the fields of discovery. Sometimes if we look back from our modern era, we can find in our past some of the todays science facts, but in some sort of distorted or allegoricly explained form.

What moms have to say about this:
                     You know that theory is always cute, but the real life is about something else. I am a man so imagining into a position of pregnant woman is pure fantasy. I mean, you need a medal for this ladies, for at least what I heard from some of you.

                           I asked few moms, which have older children enough to say what kind of personality they have. They pretty much confirmed what I say above. For example, one mom said that she was nervous, sometimes hyperactive, and that she had pickles and ketchup for breakfast, and she couldn´t stand the aroma of meat during pregnancy. Her child now, is hyperactive and alwasy eats only vegetables, ketchup and doesn´t like really meat. She was even very likely to laugh more, and her child was often laughing  when it was a still baby.
                            The other one told me that she was feeling like she wasn´t even pregnant at all, and her child is now calm, mostly quiet, but he can be a little devil junior sometimes. She also told me, that this was her 3rd child so it is possible, that the more kids you have, the less troubled pregnancy you have, because body becomes less sensitive.
                             Rest of the responses to my questions were pretty similiar. But I also disover that the "pregnancy things" for them, like change of mood and those tastes in food, started around the 8th week of pregnancy, which brain of fetus started to develop. You can look up this site if you have some questions, just click here. I also used it for this blog, because I am currently at home and my University Library is in another town, so I must go with that.
                              I know that this ending didn´t bring more information, but the responses were almost the same as those two above. So question for the ladies, tell me, how was your pregnancy?  Is your child acting like you were when you were pregnant? When was the first time you feel the baby moving, or it´s presence as like you feel it listens to you? Let´s start the discusion.

See ya next time ;).

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