Saturday, January 4, 2014


The time of slumber reached it´s end,                                                      
wake up my soul, the messsage was send,
hear me at midnight, oh, how shall I howl
at the midnight sun the wolves should enroll.

Oh, the sands of time just started flowing
and my wandering heart learned where it is going,
thus my mind has entagled on the one true goal,
this is the beginning of my midnight howl.

Fear me my enemies, ´cause my blood was seeded,
I don´t have fear, when the only hope left is needed.
Enemies! Prepare for the unforseen consequences,
because you are in domain of the grey eminences.

I am not seen, thus I am not conventional,
remember my foes, that I am eminentional.
Forsake your dreams, the storm had arrived,
bent over the knee and swallow your pride.

Sounds of thunder are shaking your lands
and your allies are betraying your hands.
Our everlasting wrath is mighty and stunnig,
you easily forget, that winter is coming.

We swallowed the moon, the sun and stars,
you pray for your lands, but the heavens are ours.
Behold, ´cause our hearts are golden and pure,
and you became nothing, just a prey to lure.

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