Friday, January 31, 2014

Can your hands think for themselves?

            Hi guys. As always, sorry for the delay, I had to do a lot of work with my bachelor thesis, but that´s not important, after few more researches, I decided to let you some thoughts, that you can ponder about for a while.

Brief Introduction:
          So I saw this post from Medical Xpress on the facebook page of It hit me, that this post came after few days after i saw this picture on 9gag. I don´t have the source, since it was long time ago, but you at least you can search google images for yourself. The title stated, that people have to draw exact spot on their body, where they felt the specific emotion they had.

Read the post before you continue reading further.


          In early philosophy, the distinction between people and animals was to feel emotions. But now modern studies shows, that that may not be true at all. As we know, emotions are chemical reactions, which are responses to some events. Everything happens in our brain, whether we are happy or sad. If we take this research by biology or even by theory of evolution by itself, it seems logical, that emotion concerns some area of our body, whether to defend them or prepare them for attack. But if you think about it further, it may be also a little step towards to understanding conciousness in its basics as it is.

         Not to mention, if take this pictures by the old terms in science from the very old days, this pictures can also depict soul of humans. Because you know, we are atoms studying atoms. We may be naming something or talking about something that may exist, but in different way than we think, or we even understand. But that was just a sidenote. The thing is, that this post can be a spark of hope for the old theory, that our consciousness is not only in our brain. There were some thoughts, which stated that every living cell can think for themselves. If this was too, than that indicates, that our consciousness is collective consciousness of ourselves, it even leads to a thought, that consciousness can be just reacting, or responding cells at any given moment which creates a somewhat ilusion of consciousness, something almost like Hegels Weltgeist, or World spirit, but in biology.

         Philosophers try to find the link between our mind and body for centuries. Do you think this may be true? Can be Shaolin monks a example of this, because of they ability to manipulate they body temperature, heart beating and so on (may be also a hogwash)? What do you think?

See ya next time. :-)

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