Monday, October 3, 2016

Shiny Star

Above the heaven, there is a star, always so shiny, shinning so far, just for a stranger on traveling night, who chose the wisdom over his fright. While everyone sleeps, the star shines, between the trees, on tangled vines, but this star isn't just what it seems, because this star is caring for dreams. She granted the sleep at end of the day, so people will do, what heart has to say, for now this are dreams, just in the head, but one day they'll turn into life instead. And for the Stranger, that refused sleep, because of the fear he holds so deep, he needs no worry, he needs his time, just a search for a peace sold by a dime. A Stranger's not lonely, neither is sad, no need to worry, nothing went bad, for some he's a goon, for some he's in love, but every night he's sending to the Star a dove. It is his thank you to that little dot, which when find, finds us our spot, she sees in to dreams of the hive, patiently writing the poem of life. Some people are grown, some need to be dark, because they're afraid of their own spark...

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